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Introducing Tehama, Teradici & IGEL (TTI) on AWS, a Technology Collaboration for Secured End-User Computing

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: November 21, 2019

The New Uber of VDI. The following is a guest blog post from Jaymes Davis, Founder & Director of Product Strategy at Tehama. With the announcement of Tehama spinning out of Pythian, we can talk about some of the technology collaborations we have been working on in the background. Those that have read my blogs or… Read More »

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UMS 6.03: Enterprise Ready!

Written by: Mathias HuberPublished: November 8, 2019

IGEL recently introduced the latest release of its award-winning endpoint management tool — the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). With this release, IGEL UMS 6.03.110, we’ve included several significant improvements. To begin with, the IGEL UMS Console, which system administrators use for their daily work, has been refined and optimized for even faster management of… Read More »

IGEL Makes History at Microsoft Ignite – Delivers Linux-Based Edge OS for Windows Virtual Desktop

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: November 5, 2019

IGEL is a Microsoft Recommended Ecosystem Partner for Customers Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop  This week during Microsoft Ignite marks a new chapter in the history books of IGEL, and Microsoft. It was announced that the Linux-based IGEL OS will support Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop customers, enabling enterprises to centrally manage, control and secure thousands of… Read More »

5 Reasons the Time for Desktop-as-a-Service is Now

Written by: Dan O'FarrellPublished: October 31, 2019

Why You Should Revisit Your End User Computing Strategy and Adopt a “Cloud First” Approach The concept behind Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) isn’t a new idea. In fact, the remote delivery of desktop computing has been around for decades and is now gaining momentum with the advent of remote desktop services offered from AWS, Azure, and other… Read More »


IGEL & CloudJumper: Keeping Your End Users Secure, From Themselves

Written by: Casey CheynePublished: October 24, 2019

(A Guest Blog Post from Mike Walsh, VP Product Strategy, CloudJumper) It’s Monday morning. You sit down at your desk, open your laptop and prepare to start knocking items off your to-do list. But as your device boots up, you notice something’s not quite right. So who’s responsible for the malware? Did a hacker get into your… Read More »

Go Green with IGEL

Written by: Dan O'FarrellPublished: October 17, 2019

Less Material, Less Energy, Less Production Footprint, Greater Reuse Around the globe, the topic of energy preservation and sustainability is more top of mind than ever. And while many technology companies may be clamoring to showcase their latest “green” capabilities, IGEL is proud to state that it’s been an environmentally friendly company for decades. From… Read More »

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Einfach in die Telematik Infrastruktur mit IGEL und Cherry

Written by: Uwe HaraskoPublished: September 25, 2019

Ein Gastbeitrag von Uwe Harasko, Head of Product Management Business Unit Security Nachdem ein großer Teil der Ärzte, Zahnärzte und Psychotherapeuten nun in der Telematik Infrastruktur (TI) angekommen sind, läuft die erste Frist für die Kliniken bald ab. Bis zum Jahresende müssen die Notaufnahmen, Ambulanzen und MVZ der Kliniken welche bei der KBV abrechnen an… Read More »

IGEL’s new hardware design is on track for the EUC revolution

Written by: Catherine GallagherPublished: September 24, 2019

IGEL is known for IGEL OS, the platform-independent next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces.  And, rightfully so given the IGEL OS’s huge success in making the life of endpoint administrators so much easier, while at the same time delivering a great experience to end users.  But it’s important to remember that IGEL offers world-class hardware… Read More »

Given Mounting Requirements for PCs and Laptops – The Choice is Clear

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: September 18, 2019

We all know that today’s digital workers are demanding more – more performance, more mobility and more speed. To accommodate these demands, the recommendations for laptop and desktop PC configurations continue to escalate – particularly as enterprises move users to Windows 10. In fact, Gartner recently recommended that to get the most out of Windows… Read More »

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Why I Left Google for IGEL

Written by: Casey CheynePublished: September 16, 2019

I’ve had the good fortune to work at some of the world’s most successful companies: Oracle, Microsoft, and most recently, Google. Each had their own unique culture and shared traits including customer focus, a long-term outlook, influence over markets, comprehensive hiring practices, attractive employee benefits, massive revenues, open communication and identifiable goals. A business… Read More »