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Erst WannaCry, jetzt Petya: Höchste Zeit umzudenken!

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: July 3, 2017

Petya, Petwrap, NotPetya, GoldenEye – wie immer man sie auch nennen mag: die jüngste Ransomware-Attacke hat letzte Woche etwa 12.500 Computer befallen und ist damit ein erneuter Warnschuss für Unternehmen. Sie sollten jetzt und hier Präventivmaßnahmen ergreifen und die Sicherheit ihrer IT-Systeme grundlegend hinterfragen, damit sie zukünftigen Bedrohungen nicht zum Opfer fallen – denn Petya… Read More »

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Ransomware or Cyberattack, Petya’s One More Reason to Choose IGEL OS

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: June 29, 2017

Petya, Petwrap, NotPetya, GoldenEye – no matter what you call it, the latest ransomware outbreak this week still spelled devastation for as many as 12,500 computers. It’s a fresh reminder that you need to take preventive measures now, or potentially fall victim to the inevitable next threat. What’s even worse about this week’s round of… Read More »

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5 Ways to Protect Mobile Data Security with Thin Clients |IGEL

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: June 16, 2017

The Internet of Security Things: Protecting Data with a Mobile Workforce One of the scary things about focusing on data security in a mobile workplace environment is the number of scary statistics. Ponemon Institute, in a 2017 study, found that 63% of organizations have no confidence, or are not confident, they have knowledge of all… Read More »

Comment sécuriser les données de l’entreprise à l’aune de l’Internet des Objets et des applications mobiles ?

Written by: Fred MilonPublished: June 14, 2017

Cette tribune a été publiée le 13 juin 2017 sur Les salariés mobiles sont la nouvelle norme dans l’entreprise. De nouveaux dispositifs, de nouveaux usages, mais aussi de nouvelles sources de vulnérabilités informatiques… Les statistiques liées à la sécurité des données dans l’environnement mobile de l’entreprise sont inquiétantes. Selon une étude Ponemon Institute de… Read More »

MTM and IGEL – Customizing the Workspace-as-a-Service Experience

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: May 24, 2017

No question. Every company faces unique business goals and challenges. That means that every company needs a different approach when it comes to their digital workspaces. But customization often causes complexity and can impact critical areas such as time-to-delivery, user productivity and cost. Our partner, MTM, does a nice job of exploring the challenges of… Read More »

@Citrix Synergy: A New Assessment Tool To Fast Track VDI

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: May 23, 2017

At Citrix Synergy 2017 we’re debuting a great new tool our partners and resellers will use to help our IT customers make the right selection of IGEL endpoint solutions to move forward in Citrix VDI deployments. IGEL’s Thin Client assessment tool is the result of collaboration with Lakeside Software and is powered by Lakeside SysTrack®… Read More »

IGEL: Fanatically Supporting Citrix VDI, DaaS and Hosted Desktops

Written by: Jed AyresPublished:

Citrix Synergy 2017 and IGEL are in full throttle this week! It’s a great opportunity for our customers and channel partners to see the latest IGEL endpoint management innovations and how we’re helping to improve the security, efficiency and availability of today’s Citrix environments. Our ‘simple, smart and secure’ focus is helping the channel, and… Read More »

WannaCry-Attacke: Virenscanner können nicht die Lösung sein

Written by: Heiko GlogePublished: May 19, 2017

WannaCry war vermutlich nur der Anfang. Experten erwarten weitere und größere Angriffe durch Schadsoftware. Derweil macht die Digitalisierung Unternehmen, Behörden und die öffentliche Infrastruktur immer anfälliger. Wollen wir den Schutz unserer IT-Systeme und Daten weiterhin dem Virenscanner überlassen oder gibt es Alternativen, die den Unternehmen ein sicheres Cloud-Onboarding erlauben? Die jüngste WannaCry-Attacke offenbart eine unbequeme… Read More »

WannaCry! Why Linux Makes More Sense.

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: May 17, 2017

It’s like my mother always told me, “It’s your own blooming fault!” If you pirate software or fail to keep your OS updated, you deserve what you get!  I know, I know the world would be a lot better place if there weren’t so many evil dudes just trying to wangle a buck (or bitcoin… Read More »

Préparez-vous à gérer l’Internet des Objets en toute simplicité

Written by: Fred MilonPublished: May 11, 2017

L’Internet des Objets (ou IoT pour “Internet of Things”) est un défi de plus en plus pressant pour les entreprises. On estime que 20 milliards d’objets seront connectés à l’Internet d’ici à 2020. Comment allons-nous exploiter leur puissance pour accompagner la transformation digitale ? Avec IGEL, bien sûr. IGEL a aujourd’hui annoncé le support de… Read More »