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Thin Clients, Virtualization Are Answers to Mobile Worker Demands

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: January 25, 2017

Thin Clients and Virtualization Answer to Mobile Worker Demands A new global market report predicts the mobile applications market sector to almost double by 2021, from $12.2 billion to nearly $24 billion. We are witnessing a permanent shift in where and how people work. Millennials, notably, enter the workforce with the expectation they can enjoy… Read More »

Thin Clients Deliver High-Application Performance | IGEL Thin Clients

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: January 12, 2017

Delivering High-Application Performance via Thin Clients In the past IT looked at thin clients with little expectation beyond doing much more than the simplest graphically intensive task, perceiving that their performance fell short of the PC. Technology and the marketplace have since changed drastically. Virtualization and dramatic improvements in remote display technology have enabled a… Read More »

New Desktop Era Promises More Freedom for IT Administrators

Written by: Simon RichardsPublished: December 22, 2016

For many IT administrators the feeling of being shackled to the desktop will be familiar involving an endless round of responding to helpdesk tickets raised by users, running security patches and rolling out upgrades. But a new desktop era is upon us in the form of the managed workspace which will help solve these day-to-day… Read More »

A Few Reasons Why VDI is the Way of the Future…

Written by: IGEL ContributorPublished: December 20, 2016

There are many good and obvious reasons why enterprises all over the world are moving to virtual workspaces. Easier management, lower running costs, better use of resources. However, there have always been an equally valid set of reasons why the company should NOT move to a virtual solution, too; cost of deploying RSDH software, lack… Read More »

En environnement VDI, la cybercriminalité passe aussi par les postes de travail : 6 étapes pour s’en prémunir

Written by: Fred MilonPublished: December 14, 2016

Cette tribune a été publiée le 13 décembre 2016 sur Pour sécuriser les environnements de travail multi-terminaux et multi-locations, les entreprises doivent développer une stratégie de gestion des points d’accès autour des technologies client léger. L’histoire de la cybercriminalité se répète, mais n’en est pas moins affolante. La dernière faille de sécurité annoncée par… Read More »


Reaching an Armistice from the Protocol Wars is Possible

Written by: Simon RichardsPublished: November 22, 2016

Trying to manage IT today, I’m reminded of the famous US Navy SEAL saying “the only easy day was yesterday.” Simply put, it means tomorrow will be harder. Heads of IT departments might nod sagely at this. They have to deal with a range of conflicting challenges delivering day-to-day IT operations while keeping costs down… Read More »

Why a Thin Client May Replace Your Next PC

Written by: Marc DoehnertPublished: November 14, 2016

Worldwide, thin client use is on the rise while PC sales are slowing down. Part of that reason is the cost of supporting and managing traditional PCs, coupled with the acceptance of mobile devices in the workspace. Another large part of the equation is the rapid rise of cloud computing. So what exactly is a… Read More »

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DSI, libérez-vous de vos postes de travail

Written by: Fred MilonPublished: November 10, 2016

Cette tribune a été publiée le 9 novembre 2016 sur Pour de nombreux administrateurs informatiques, le sentiment d’être enchaîné aux postes de travail de leur entreprise est bien trop familier. Alors qu’ils courent d’un terminal à un autre pour prévenir et résoudre les problèmes, ils se demandent très certainement s’il n’y a pas une… Read More »

Take a “Sneak Peek” of IGEL Linux 10 through Nov. 30

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: November 2, 2016

IGEL is changing the game for thin client technology. New performance, security and device compatibility are just some of the latest features that make the new IGEL Linux 10 stand out. And now, through November 30th, IGEL is making available a “sneak preview” of this exciting new release allowing users the opportunity to evaluate this… Read More »

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Forget Brexit. Focus on security.

Written by: Simon RichardsPublished: November 1, 2016

We live in times characterised by the ‘new normal’. Obviously there’s Brexit. Many pundits and politicians really didn’t see that coming and the fallout of leaving the EU has only just begun as the UK navigates its exit. But forget the side show of Brexit. The real meat and potatoes mega issue for business today… Read More »