DISRUPT 2020: Applying a Risk-LESS IT Services Methodology

DJ Eshelman
Written by: DJ EshelmanPublished: December 12, 2019

4 Steps to Employ Across Your Complete Project Lifecycle

As you walk through the phases of your next project, are you certain your entire team is on the same page? The risks can be great if they’re not.

In my upcoming DISRUPT 2020 Nashville presentation, “The riskLESS IT Services Methodology: A Simple 4 Step Plan for Your IT Projects,” I’ll share how you can break down any project into four iterative phases everyone can understand. They’ll make your projects more successful and efficient, without bottlenecks or risk.

As a travelling consultant in the EUC market, I’ve seen it all. I know how projects can go off the rails. I also know the barriers we put in the way of our own success and how teams can be more successful when they align to a common methodology.

Join me for this interactive DISRUPT session to see how these four steps – Understand, Plan, Change and Maintain – can be refined into a systematic iterative process for project success. We’ll walk through a full lifecycle of a project that follows this methodology, and one that didn’t, pointing out the dramatic differences along the way.

Why should you listen to me? After years of working as a System Engineer (among other titles) I founded Eshelman Enterprises, Inc. (established in 2011), I took my career into high gear. After nine years of six-figure independent consulting, I have realized that it is by no means the only path to that level of success. I now coach IT Professionals and others in career and personal development. That, and I’ve literally written the books. “Just do THIS: An I.T. Consultant’s Project Methodology Guide” will be released in 2020. It joins the expansion to my already successful “Become a Citrix Hero” book and companion course. My passion is to help you learn and grow so you can leave the world better than you found it!

Discover key IT services methodologies for success, and some untapped earning power along the way, in my DISRUPT 2020 Nashville session. Sign up for DISRUPT 2020 – the Cloud Workspaces Forum of the Year – today to claim your seat.