IGEL Technology – More than just a supplier!

IGEL delivers much more than just Thin and Zero Client hardware and software. Our products come surrounded by a number of services that generate real value for you.

Pre-Sales Services

  • Pre-Sales Support: Pre-Sales Engineers support you either on site or via a hotline during the evaluation period
  • Partner Account Manager and Key Account Managers, specialized in your individual industry needs are available for thin and zero client hardware and software consulting
  • Industry-leading remote management software, IGEL UMS, is included
  • In-house development
    – Continuously working on new and existing software and hardware products for you
    – Customized firmware, e.g., integration of specific clients or drivers

Delivery Services

  • Local assembly of endpoints in Europe, Northern America and Asia means devices are quality controlled just before dispatch and are promptly delivered with the very latest firmware
  • Delivery of MAC addresses before hardware shipping enables you to speed up the roll out. Thin and zero client profiles can be setup and configured in advance with the remote management software UMS, resulting in fast “plug-and-play” roll outs
  • Direct shipment to locations. Split the whole order into various direct shipments to your branch offices.
  • Inventory labels or personalized company stickers attached to each device prior to shipment.
  • Fast delivery to almost every country in the world.

After-Sales Services

  • Five year warranty (with registration) included for UD2, UD3, UD6 and UD7, and three year warranty for UD Pocket
  • Local trainings for customers available for some projects. Enable your IT team to optimize roll out and administration right from the start.
  • Free qualified email support from specialized IGEL thin and zero client support centres in Europe, the US, China and Singapore
  • Continuous development of firmware updates
  • Firmware maintenance after EoL of the endpoint series Universal Desktop
  • IGEL provides proper disposal of the old hardware (WEEE in the EU)
  • Local repair service / RMA in several countries (Belgium, China, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA)

Contact IGEL for further assistance, information or product evaluations!