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UD Pocket – A Secure Citrix Workspace for the Agile Worker

Apr 2, 2020
Watch: on-demand
Length: 55 min

For many people, life and work continue to become more and more intertwined. And that is generally a good thing, as it enables people to adopt an agile work style that best fits their personal lifestyle. As the general workforce continues to adopt more work-from-home and remote work, companies seek swift, more secure and manageable ways to enable user productivity and satisfaction while maintaining business continuity.

IT needs to support this remote working movement while bolstering security as digital threats continue to rise in both volume and methodology, compliance demands become more stringent, and budgets become more constrained.

IGEL’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Dan O’Farrell, discussed how the UD Pocket and the Citrix Workspace App, deployed onto any x86 device, enables and eases the secure consumption of virtualized apps, desktops, and cloud workspaces.

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