Each year IGEL awards the title of EUC MAVERICK to IT PROFESSIONALS at the top of their game.

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Leroy Vanek
IT visionary, a.k.a. “EUC Disruptor”
Number of Years in Technology/EUC:
15+ years
First Job:
Subway Sandwich Artist™
A farm outside of Jefferson, Ohio
First Car:
Ford Ranger
Favorite Food:
Favorite Quote:
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs
Piloting a small plane

“I always tell my customers their first priority should be to provide value to the end user and decrease the friction caused by the...” ~ LEROY VANEK

For more than a decade, LeRoy Vanek has been deploying EUC hardware and software, including endpoint operating systems (OS). “In all my years of doing this, I have found the missing link to a good user experience is always the endpoint OS,” says LeRoy. “When you don’t get this piece of the puzzle right, things don’t work as expected end users will inevitably point fingers at their hardware.”

Don’t fly blind

LeRoy recalls an experience with a customer that was about to scrap an EUC deployment until they met IGEL. “This customer was using the LG All-in-Ones with the Windows Embedded OS,” he says. “Yet, their team was spending so much time managing endpoints it had become an administrative nightmare. I introduced them to IGEL OS and all of that changed when they realized that it wasn’t the hardware that was the issue – it was the OS.”

IGEL has proven itself to be a hardware agnostic solution that has helped us solve for many of the challenges we face as an organization.”

Flying high

LeRoy shares the story of one customer who had deployed IGEL as part of a digital transformation. They were so happy with the experience that they told him their previous supplier, Dell Wyse, could take their solution elsewhere. “This truly validated the value of IGEL OS. There is nothing comparable in my opinion.”

My wingman always has my back

LeRoy appreciates the opportunities he’s had to expand his knowledge of IGEL. Through the IGEL Academy, he has earned the IGEL Certified Engineer (ICE) and IGEL Certified Architect (ICA).

What's an EUC Maverick?

EUC Mavericks are at the very top of their game "Challenging Everything" in the deliver of cutting-edge IT services. Rene was inducted by IGEL into the EUC Mavericks Hall of fame in April 2022