Each year IGEL awards the title of EUC MAVERICK to IT PROFESSIONALS at the top of their game.

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René Bigler
IT visionary, a.k.a. “EUC Disruptor”
Number of Years in Technology/EUC:
20+ years
First Job:
Apprenticeship at a Swiss insurance agency
Thun, Switzerland
First Car:
Red Mitsubishi Eclipse Sports Wagon
Favorite Food:
Italian - Pizza and Pasta
Favorite Saying:
“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”
Snowboarding during the winter months

“With IGEL OS, we have a solution for converting old PCs and laptops wherever possible which enables us to use these devices for longer. That’s the benefit of combining VDI with IGEL OS.” ~ RENE BIGLER

René Bigler teaches part time and is Head of the Informatics Department for Berufsbildungszentrum IDM, a government-funded public vocational college based in the Swiss Canton of Bern. The school enrolls more than 3,000 students each year, and provides practical hands-on courses in a broad range of subjects, everything from automotive mechanics, plumbing, construction and logistics to hairdressing, floristry and gardening. The school has a staff and faculty of around 300 people.

Part of a team of three IT professionals who managed Berufsbildungszentrum IDM’s technology infrastructure, René also teaches one day a week and believes it gives him the best of both worlds. Berufsbildungszentrum IDM has been using IGEL since 2012, and initially deployed IGEL thin clients and IGEL OS to support Citrix VDI and simplify the management of a fleet of desktop computers that were almost five years old at the time, and considered ancient in terms of hardware lifecycles.

IGEL enabled us to further extend the life of our desktop computers, many that were already 5+ years old and considered ancient in terms of hardware lifecycles.”

“Our budgets are very limited and we couldn’t afford a complete hardware refresh,” said René. “In IGEL OS, we found a solution for converting our aging PCs and laptops, which at one time had Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 running on them, further extending the life of these endpoints. That’s the benefit of using VDI and a dedicated lightweight endpoint OS as offered by IGEL, ultimately it has saved our team a tremendous amount of time, resources, and money.”

Currently, Berufsbildungszentrum IDM currently has about 700 endpoints (including IGEL UD3 thin clients) running IGEL OS, that are all managed by IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

What's an EUC Maverick?

EUC Mavericks are at the very top of their game "Challenging Everything" in the deliver of cutting-edge IT services. Rene was inducted by IGEL into the EUC Mavericks Hall of fame in April 2022