Multimedia Codec-Pack (MMCP)

IGEL offers an optional codec pack for IGEL OS.

Which use cases require the licensing of codecs?
The multimedia codec pack will be required as soon as you intend to render audio and video content locally on the thin client.
To render multimedia content, the gstreamer framework is used.

Note: All IGEL Zero (IZ) devices are equipped with the multimedia codec pack out of the box.

Codecs Supported

  • Audio: MP3 | WMA | AAC
  • Video: WMV (VC1) | H264 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-2

Use Cases

  • Local media player
  • Local browser rendering multimedia content (not Flash!)
  • Citrix HDX Multimedia Redirection, Citrix H.264 Deep Compression Codec
  • Microsoft RDP Multimedia Redirection, Microsoft RemoteFX8 Video Optimized Remoting
  • vWorkspace Multimedia Redirection

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