IGEL and Samsung: A Great Thin Client Team!

Jed Ayres
Written by: Jed AyresPublished: July 27, 2016

samsung-300x142What’s better than two technology innovators coming together to produce the absolute best solution for the market? We’re feeling quite proud today as we announce our alliance with Samsung Electronics. Samsung, one of the world’s most powerful technology brands, and an innovator in thin client cloud display technology, and IGEL, a leader in workspace management and thin client solutions, are joining forces to bring enterprises a superb, new thin client solution. Samsung has selected us as a partner, whereby Samsung is now leveraging IGEL Linux OS and IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software to power its new TC-L Series all-in-one thin client cloud displays.

Third party validation is the best kind and we are understandably pleased that Samsung likes our approach to workspace management, that enterprises want better efficiency in a software solution, one that can enhance performance and support a secure, stable computing environment.

That’s what IGEL is all about, delivering a cost-effective, secure and efficient environment. We are particularly excited about this chance to showcase IGEL’s integration functionality, an enormous benefit to enterprises that have deployed thin client solutions from different manufacturers. IGEL software enables you to manage any terminal device that is running our IGEL Linux OS, providing standardization and making upgrades and management that much easier.

Remote endpoint management is another key aspect of IGEL software that companies such as Samsung are finding a huge asset. Using our management software, administrators can remotely manage the endpoint and even automatically apply configuration changes as needed to all thin client assets. It’s real efficiency, the ability to upgrade the entire environment using IGEL software.

This combination of standardization and remote capability are two of the factors that are gaining IGEL prominence in the marketplace. Visit our blog often to hear how IGEL’s solution to workspace management continues to gain presence in the marketplace and provide a valuable asset to companies looking to expand their thin client product suite.

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