End Customer Warranty

Thin and Zero Client End Customer Warranty

IGEL Technology grants to its End Customers a standard two-year hardware warranty for the Thin and Zero Clients after delivery of the product by IGEL Technology GmbH.1 These warranty conditions do not apply to devices which the customer has received free of charge.

Warranty extension by registering

The End Customer may extend the product warranty within a two-year period after delivery of the product by IGEL Technology GmbH.1 You simply have to fill out a registration form.

Once we have received your registration, IGEL Technology will send you a confirmation. This one-time registration automatically extends the warranty for any future Thin and Zero Clients acquired by the End Customer. The warranty extension does not have any additional costs.

Warranty period

Device series

Delivery date from IGEL Technology GmbH

Warranty period without

Warranty period with

UD2, UD3, UD5

Until 14th of October 2011

2 years

3 years

UD2, UD3, UD5, UD6

From 15th of October 2011

2 years

5 years

UD9, UD10, UD Pocket

2 years

3 years

IZ1, IZ2, IZ3

2 years

3 years

Check your warranty status

You can query the warranty status of your IGEL products with the serial number at anytime from our service department (service@igel.com).

Warranty case

If any defects in material and workmanship occur during the warranty period IGEL Technology will, at its option, either replace a defective product with a new or rebuilt product or repair it with new or rebuilt parts at no charge, except for the warranty exclusion reasons stated below. Replaced parts or products become the property of IGEL Technology.

To initiate our service from this limited warranty, the End Customer shall deliver the product along with a RMA number (Return Material Authorization). The End Customer can ask for this number on IGEL Technology’s website (http://support.igel.com/rma-request.html).

Please follow this procedure:

  • Put the IGEL product in its original shipping container (or equivalent).
  • Write the RMA number visibly on the address label.
  • Ship the goods with freight paid to the shipment address you will find on the RMA number notification.
  • Provide insurance (or assume the risk of loss or damage during shipment).
  • Pay all shipping charges.
  • IGEL Technology will pay the return shipping charges (including insurance).

Warranty exclusion reasons

The hardware warranty assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to goods following:

  • Shipping or improper installation or maintenance.
  • Misuse, neglect, adjustment or improper environment.
  • Any cause other than ordinary commercial or industrial application.
  • Repair, modification or installation of options or parts by the End Customer or an unauthorized third party.
  • Excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning, or electrical power failures, surges, or other irregularities.
  • Usage outside of the technical specifications of the product.

IGEL Technology is not liable for product descriptions and warranties made by other parties or person than IGEL Technology.


The service department of IGEL Technology is at your disposal for any queries (service@igel.com).

1 Excluded are optionally available accessories.

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IGEL Technology GmbH, November 2016