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Burst SoftNAS

Enterprise Data Protection with Performance Tuning

SoftNAS is a Linux-based virtual appliance that is deployed on modern hypervisor-based systems, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vSphere. It runs as a virtual machine (VM), providing a broad range of software-defined capabilities, including data performance, control, cost management, availability, and control and security. Our two primary use cases are helping customers ‘lift and shift’ legacy client server applications to the public Cloud and to help customers stay 100% up in the Cloud with our 99.999% SLA guarantee for mission-critical apps.

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Product Details

Buurst SoftNAS is a cloud NAS virtual appliance that can be deployed on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and on VMware. Running as a virtual machine, SoftNAS provides a broad range of enterprise NAS, software-defined capabilities that ensure the best data performance, migration, cost management, availability, control, and security for your data.

SoftNAS allows you to choose the right blend of price and performance for each workload, application, and job while maintaining the granular control of the underlying infrastructure and power that comes with a NAS.


Data cost control

Your cloud storage is expected to double every two years and SoftNAS is focused to help you reduce your cloud storage costs.

Data performance

SoftNAS is designed to provide the best predictable performance, at the lowest cost. With other solutions, increasing performance means adding more storage. 

Data availability

SoftNAS duplicates data across zones for optimal redundancy, meaning if a zone goes down, your data stays up and running. The patented solution features cross-zone high availability with automatic failover capabilities to meet the most demanding performance and uptime requirements for your business-critical data. With a 99.999% uptime, SoftNAS is backed by an industry leading No Storage Downtime Guarantee SLA so you can trust your data will be available when you need it, wherever you need it

Data control and security

With SoftNAS, you gain the control of a NAS, with the benefits of operating on the cloud of your choice. Create a flexible, dedicated, private, and protected NAS environment with the granular control of the underlying infrastructure. SoftNAS offers the resources needed to ensure your organization is meeting strict industry requirements

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