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ControlUp SOLVE

End-to-end Digital Experience Monitoring & Optimization

Monitoring at scale with ControlUp SOLVE
ControlUp’s SOLVE user interface allows you to see the overall health status of your entire EUC environment, end to end, in real time.

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Product Details

Providing visibility at scale, ControlUp SOLVE allows you to see, in real time, the overall health of your EUC environment—end to end—and lets you easily drill down to see detailed metrics for a particular aspect of your infrastructure, all the way down to the users’ session process level. Delivered as a SaaS application, SOLVE is accessible from anywhere and is designed to work for organizations of any size and to be used by any audience, from IT admin to help desk employee.


SOLVE’s topology view offers an intuitive visual representation of the different layers in your virtualization and EUC stack, making it possible for you to quickly navigate and correlate between resources in your organization with just a single click. Role-based control, SAML authentication, and detailed auditing capabilities mean SOLVE is ready for any Enterprise organization.

The ControlUp SOLVE user interface allows you to see the overall health status of your entire EUC environment, end to end, in real time. Hover over any widget to see additional details or click to navigate to specific detailed dashboards for that object. Showing the entirety of your monitored environment by default, the slide-out navigation menu lets you quickly view the health status for any aspect of your environment.

Telemetry and information in SOLVE’s detailed dashboards are updated every few seconds, giving you a real-time view into the state of your EUC environment. Color-coding in the metrics shows you, at a glance, how your environment is operating, so you can identify issues. The detailed dashboards columns are configurable on a per user basis—both what is shown and where—and there are advanced search and filter capabilities to ensure that you see what matters.

Real-time data is at the core of our solution, but sometimes you need to see what’s happened in the past to be able to understand and effectively troubleshoot issues. SOLVE offers a one-click, three-day historical view for select metrics from its real-time dashboards. In addition to this, for certain objects, just right-click and navigate to up to one-month historical data for key metrics for that object. If you need more historical data and reports, head over to the Insights console to get up to 1 year of additional data analytics insights.

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