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UniPrint InfinityCloud


UniPrint InfinityCloud is a device and network agnostics ("DNA) enterprise-ready Cloud

Print Management Service with Print-to-Digital capabilities.  It

supports all VDI platforms and is compatible with Universal Print by

Microsoft. Alongside all

the standard features expected from any cloud print

management service, UniPrint InfinityCloud enables partners and

end-customers to "Disrupt Paper" and become


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Product Details

UniPrint InfinityCloud provides organizations with a single cloud native solution for all
their printing requirements. With a software defined approach to printing,
managing printing across a multi-cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure
(VDI) environment, InfinityCloud can be deployed and used to print through
a remote session whether it be a Citrix, Remote Desktop Services, VMware
Horizon View or Cloud session.  

The software comes with user-authenticated on-demand pull-printing
that improves document security, and a high availability set-up with load
balancing capabilities that allows full redundancy to maximize printing uptime,
all of which are key to driving enterprise cloud success.  

The vendor-agnostic universal print driver supports
any make or model of printer, providing organizations with more flexibility
when it comes to choosing new printers or accommodating existing printers in a
cloud computing environment.

Additionally, InfinityCloud has adopted a multi-layer
approach to cloud printing security including one virtual print queue, 256-bit
end-to-end data encryption, secure pull-printing and secure cloud printing
without the need for a VPN.  


UniPrint InfinityCloud is an Enterprise-Ready Cloud SaaS print management platform.  Below is a list of its platform, Print-to-Physical, and Print-to-Digital features, and capabilities.


  • Citrix Ready
  • One Single Pane Management

  • Device &
    Network Agnostics (“DNA”) architecture          
  • Automated tool
    to allow easy migration of on-premises print server infrastructure to
    the cloud          
  • Security &
    Compliance – UniPrint Infinity has adopted a multi-layer
    approach to cloud printing security, including one virtual print queue,
    256-bit end-to-end data encryption, secure pull-printing, and secure cloud
    printing without the need for a VPN.   
  • Process Fusion is a
    SOC2, Type-2 compliant organization, and our cloud services development is
    based on the zero-trust framework.      

Print to Physical Capabilities:   

  • Serverless Printing
  • Secure Pull
  • Citrix
    and VDI Support
    Global and Local
    Driver store
  • Advanced
    Printer Profiles
  • Supports
    Microsoft Azure AD
  • Google Workspace or Email accounts authentication
  • Captures all
    Print statistics by User, Area or Printer 
  • High Availability 
  • Print Stream
    compression to improve print performance
  • Mobile printing
    (iOS and Android) support 
  • Chromebook Printing
    MacOS Printing      
  • MFP
    Embedded Apps 
  • Imprivata

  • Secure touchscreen
    release station (vPad)     
  • IGEL Printing
    with Chrome extension
  • Renders in PDF plus Encrypted 256-bit AES

Enhances the
print-to-physical or print-to-digital capabilities of Universal Print by

  • Print to Digital Capabilities:
    Printing is
    Universal & Ubiquitous. 
  • Everyone knows how to print.  
  • The
    Print-To-Digital feature allows the capture, auto-classification, and data
    extraction of a digital print job
    Using Microsoft
    Machine Learning and A.I. platform for process automation Instead to a
    piece of printed paper    

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