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Success Story: IGEL’s Rapid Response to a Global Pandemic

IGEL’s Development Team Takes their Office Home, Literally Overnight, with IGEL UD Pockets

“The UD Pocket has allowed us to help everyone stay healthy while enabling them to continue to work, without missing a beat, on the further uninterrupted development of our technologies.”

Frank Biermann, Vice President, Research & Development, IGEL


The Customer

  • IGEL’s German-based development team in Augsburg, Germany

The Challenge

  • COVID-19 work-from-home mandate
  • 60 software developers had to start working from home, overnight
  • Quickly and securely activate home devices

The Solution

Key Benefits

  • Overnight deployment
  • Near instant activation
  • Seamless move from office to home engagement and collaboration
  • Enterprise-class security and ease of management across home endpoints

Moving Seamlessly From Office to Home Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work for companies around the globe. Millions of workers flocked home in response to local, state and even country-wide government mandates. And IGEL, innovators of technologies that support the work-from-home movement, have been right there to support customers with business continuity and efficient, secure home working.

But, in the midst of supporting customers during this changing workplace dynamic, IGEL developers themselves found the need to move their offices, home. So, just as they were enabling smooth work from home transitions for customers – they too needed to shift from their traditional in-office based workplace to securely work from home, overnight.

Based in Augsburg, Germany, 60 IGEL software developers were required in March 2020 by the German government to remain at home to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Knowing that critical development work was still needed to empower customers with work-from-home technology, the team looked to its own solution to quickly enable its employees to work in their homes using the IGEL UD Pocket.

The IGEL UD Pocket is a small USB stick no larger than a thumbnail which can transform any x86-64 based endpoint device, including desktop and laptop PCs, into a secure, fully managed IGEL OS-powered endpoint located anywhere Internet connectivity is possible. It was the perfect and immediate solution for IGEL development workers needing to make the quick transition to work from home.

In-Office Workers Become Mobile Warriors

To address the immediate remote working need, IGEL IT administrators ordered UD Pockets for each development team member and shipped them directly to employees’ homes. They were then added to the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software that was already managing and controlling IGEL’s user endpoints that were in the office. The licenses were assigned, and a VPN connection was established to enable a secure network connection. Then, via the IGEL Cloud Gateway, each UD Pocket was remotely administered in an instant after being booted.

“The use of UD Pockets, the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) feature, and IGEL UMS has made the process easy for us to quickly turn our in-office workers into mobile work warriors!” said Tobias Hafner, IT Administrator for IGEL.

All members of the IGEL development team are now fully equipped to work from home, thanks to IGEL’s own solution. The UD Pocket is simply plugged into any available x86-64 based device at home and temporarily converts it into an IGEL OSpowered endpoint with full access to IGEL’s virtual environment.

Employees were able to use existing home notebook computers and even old PCs that might have otherwise been discarded. Any device that met the minimum requirements of a 1 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and 2 GB flash memory was able to be converted. And, after work is finished, the UD Pocket, which also supports a secure browser for direct access to cloud-based apps, can simply be removed from its USB port and the device can be rebooted back to its original operating system. The notebook or PC can then be used normally for private purposes.

Staying Healthy Without Missing a Beat

IGEL’s experience of taking its own development team’s “offices” home was a powerful reminder to every developer of just how much impact their technology innovation work has on supporting business continuity. IGEL OS and the UD Pocket give them the freedom to work from anywhere while also giving IT teams full management and control for devices both on the corporate network or off – even in employees’ homes. As a result, everyone can remain productive and most importantly stay healthy.

“I am really very happy to use our own technology in a simple and fast way to send our employees to their own home offices with the help of the UD Pocket,” said Frank Biermann, Vice President Research & Development at IGEL “It has allowed us to help everyone stay healthy while enabling them to continue to work, without missing a beat, on the further uninterrupted development of our technologies.”


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