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Choosing the right zero client for your VDI solution

Zero Client

Deploying zero clients is more cost effective than outfitting each user with a PC. In addition to reduced costs per device, zero clients allow IT to more efficiently manage remote endpoints. However, it’s not the zero clients themselves that optimize the benefits of VDI: it’s the endpoint security and optimization software that actually has the greatest impact on the efficiency, scalability and security of zero client computing. Each of IGEL’s zero or endpoints comes bundled with a Universal Management System that runs on Linux OS and provides robust endpoint security and optimization on a single platform.

There are two zero client hardware platforms in IGEL’s product line: The IZ2 series is affordable, space-saving and energy-efficient, while the IZ3 models come with quad-core processor and multiple connectivity options for peripherals. Select your preferred virtualization solution and combine it with the hardware best-suited for your requirements – zero clients specifically designed for Citrix HDX, Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and VMware Horizon.


Citrix XenDesktop VDI Use Zero Clients

Most Zero Clients support Citrix XenDesktop; the best zero clients ensure constant compatibility through a robust support that automatically updates the latest versions of ICA. All IGEL zero clients are Citrix XenDesktop compatible, support Citrix Receiver and are certified for HDX Ready. IGEL zero clients constantly have the latest versions of ICA clients and offer full integration of Citrix features, such as the Secure Access Gateway client and Citrix Secure Access Gateway.


Choose the zero clients that offer an easy upgrade path to other VDI solutions.

You should be able to continue using zero client hardware even if you change your VDI solution. An UD-Upgrade-License from IGEL will enable your IGEL zero clients to connect to other leading VDI solutions. Specialized zero clients from IGEL are optimized to one of the three leading virtualization solutions and boot directly into VDI sessions like Citrix XenDesktop or Horizon. They include free technical support, free firmware update that allow you to future proof your VDI solution by offering you an easy upgrade path to other VDI solutions.