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Switching from a PC environment to endpoints

Many businesses make the switch to endpoints because of the savings, security and efficiency of desktop virtualization (VDI). Unlike a standard PC environment, VDI allows IT to centrally manage all endpoints. You can future proof your VDI investment by going with an endpoint security and optimization solution like IGEL that constantly offers the latest versions of Citrix XenDesktop, including the full integration of Citrix features, such as the Secure Access Gateway client and Citrix Secure Access Gateway.

Challenges of having a mixed environment

Over the years, with multiple upgrades and purchases, it’s not uncommon for firms to experience IT chaos. Many companies have the same challenge: brand new PCs alongside totally obsolete ones, mixed in with endpoints from various manufacturers. The main problem is that the various workstations are equipped with different operating systems which means that applications, data and user profiles and not available at each workstation. People often deal with this by adding even more administrative tools. Unfortunately, these additional tools don’t lead to more efficient administration, it simply means higher management administrative and support costs.

Converting PCs into endpoints

IGEL UDC - Desktop ConverterThe easiest way to switch to VDI and get all the benefits of desktop virtualization is to convert and standardize your existing assets. Using IGEL’s universal desktop converter software (UDC) it’s finally possible to turn your existing PC and endpoint hardware into a standardized IT infrastructure. Not only can your PC’s and endpoints be remote administered, you’ll also have access to cloud computing services server based computing applications and virtual desktop environments. The UDC software is an embedded Linux-based operating system. PCs converted using the IGEL UDC are virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant viruses and other malware.

Future proofing your IT environment

When you’re switching to endpoints, look for an endpoint security and optimization system that ensures constant compatibility with Citrix XenDesktop or Horizon. You should be able to continue using your thin or zero client hardware even if you change your VDI solution. An UD-Upgrade-License from IGEL will enable your IGEL zero and endpoints to connect to other leading VDI solutions. They include free technical support, free firmware update that allow you to future proof your VDI solution by offering you an easy upgrade path to other VDI solutions.