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Pretty as a Picture: IGEL Zero Clients Now Deliver VMware Enabled Media Rich Displays

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: April 28, 2017

IGEL wants our channel partners to be able to deliver the richest zero client experience to customers. That is why we are now integrating the VMware Blast Extreme Protocol into our IGEL Zero™ client IZ2 and IZ3 series hardware.   And one brag: IGEL is the first to achieve this integration. We think it’s a pretty… Read More »

Credit Union Credits IGEL with Reducing Virtual Desktop Cost and Complexity

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: April 19, 2017

Managing end-user devices can be a frustrating drain on IT resources. From overcoming increasing virtual desktop infrastructure complexity to ensuring security and repairing aging hardware, managing endpoints can be among the most tedious tasks IT departments face. Such was the case for Utah Community Credit Union. The credit union, which was straining to manage its… Read More »

IGEL Partner Program Gets 5-Stars from CRN

Written by: Jed AyresPublished: April 10, 2017

IGEL is a 100 percent channel-driven company – and for good reason: it’s our commitment to the channel that drives our success. Last year IGEL made some substantial investments in our channel program. Our goal? To empower our partners so that they could build vibrant IGEL practices. Those channel investments lead to a staggering 95%… Read More »

In eigener Sache: IGEL mit Absatzrekord bei Software-Verkäufen

Written by: Heiko GlogePublished: March 20, 2017

Als Gründer und CEO eines Unternehmens ist es immer eine ganz besondere Ehre, gute Nachrichten zu überbringen – und diesmal gibt es gleich doppelt Grund zur Freude. Zum einen konnten wir für das Geschäftsjahr 2016 einen Anstieg des weltweiten Software-Umsatzes um 19% erreichen. In den USA wurde der Umsatz für unsere Software-Produkte sogar um 95%… Read More »

Free Spirited Mobile Workers: IGEL Now Has You In Its Security Net!

Written by: Doug BrownPublished: March 3, 2017

Yep. We know. It’s been great fun to jump off the corporate network, open apps on your phone or tablet and get stuff done. At home. At halftime. Fast. That unfortunately creates a nasty security risk, leaving unprotected data open to cyberattacks and giving cybercriminals a freeway on ramp to the network. IGEL, whose mission… Read More »

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Thin Clients, Virtualization Are Answers to Mobile Worker Demands

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: January 25, 2017

Thin Clients and Virtualization Answer to Mobile Worker Demands A new global market report predicts the mobile applications market sector to almost double by 2021, from $12.2 billion to nearly $24 billion. We are witnessing a permanent shift in where and how people work. Millennials, notably, enter the workforce with the expectation they can enjoy… Read More »

Willkommen im neuen IGEL Blog!

Written by: Heiko GlogePublished: January 17, 2017

IGEL Technology wächst: Nach einem Jahrzehnt als Marktführer in Deutschland und dem Aufbau zahlreicher Standorte in Europa haben wir im letzten Jahr unsere Niederlassung in den USA deutlich ausgebaut. Denn weltweit steigt die Nachfrage nach softwarebasierten Endpoint-Management-Lösungen. Als Thin Client-Pionier haben wir unser Portfolio seit jeher mit zukunftsweisenden Software-Lösungen bereichert. Um Sie zukünftig noch mehr… Read More »

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Thin Clients Deliver High-Application Performance | IGEL Thin Clients

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: January 12, 2017

Delivering High-Application Performance via Thin Clients In the past IT looked at thin clients with little expectation beyond doing much more than the simplest graphically intensive task, perceiving that their performance fell short of the PC. Technology and the marketplace have since changed drastically. Virtualization and dramatic improvements in remote display technology have enabled a… Read More »

Bienvenue sur le nouveau blog IGEL !

Written by: Fred MilonPublished: August 28, 2016

IGEL Technology est en pleine expansion, et travaille à répondre à la demande croissante en solutions logicielles pour la gestion des espaces de travail, qui permettent une administration flexible, sécurisée et productive des points d’accès. Pour renforcer encore notre présence sur ce marché, nous avons décidé de prendre plus activement la parole par le biais… Read More »

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IGEL Makes a New Home in San Francisco

Written by: Jed AyresPublished: July 20, 2016

IGEL is making some big moves. Moves that will drive growth, build opportunities and expand our North American presence. Our latest move is the unveiling of a new North American Headquarters office in San Francisco, located at 540 Howard Street. The new Bay Area office is home to a fast growing team of North American… Read More »

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