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Die Evolution des Next Generation Betriebssystems von IGEL

Written by: Matthias HaasPublished: January 14, 2020

Während der Microsoft Ignite hatte ich das Vergnügen, ein sehr spannendes Gespräch mit den Machern des US-Podcasts „Knee-Deep in Tech“ zu führen. In nur 25 Minuten ist es uns tatsächlich gelungen, die Entwicklung des Endanwender-Computings von den Anfängen der zentralen Datenspeicherung, Mainframes und „dummen“ Terminals, überden Aufstieg der dezentralen PC-Umgebungen zu verfolgen, bis dahin, wo… Read More »

IGEL Trends 2020: All Signs Point to Desktop-as-a-Service

Written by: Matthias HaasPublished: January 10, 2020

In the 21st century, our life and work will be largely determined by digitization. This is not a trend, but rather an irreversible upheaval in all areas of life and work. More than ever, what can be digitized will be digitized. Against this background, companies sometimes have to change radically, and the way they work… Read More »

Introducing Tehama, Teradici & IGEL (TTI) on AWS, a Technology Collaboration for Secured End-User Computing

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: November 21, 2019

The New Uber of VDI. The following is a guest blog post from Jaymes Davis, Founder & Director of Product Strategy at Tehama. With the announcement of Tehama spinning out of Pythian, we can talk about some of the technology collaborations we have been working on in the background. Those that have read my blogs or… Read More »

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Is DaaS Dastardly or Doable?

Written by: Simon TownsendPublished: June 6, 2019

When will DaaS have its day? Right now, DaaS adoption remains at the bottom of the hockey stick curve but many dynamic changes are afoot that eventually should move things forward. First and center is Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), due to be in full distribution later this year. Secondly, WVD via Azure or Citrix… Read More »

Building a Virtual Desktop for the Optimum Experience – A Comprehensive “Cheat Sheet”

Written by: Jed AyresPublished: May 16, 2019

Anyone familiar with end user computing (EUC) knows that building a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution in the cloud can be complex. From budgeting and planning to selecting your cloud, platform and solution stack – be it Microsoft, Citrix or VMware – client devices, analytics and more, there’s a lot to consider.… Read More »

2019: The Year DaaS Comes of Age

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: November 29, 2018

IDC estimates that 60% of infrastructure spending will be on public or private cloud by 2022 as organizations continue to seek ways to lower hardware costs and increase productivity by leveraging cloud-native applications.  Gartner sees DaaS reaching “essential” feature parity with VDI in 2019. Within these trends, IGEL sees a growing interest in Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) as… Read More »