Tips & Tricks: Cut the Wires with IGEL Bluetooth Support

Harald Saller
Written by: Harald SallerPublished: September 22, 2016

wireIs it time to go wireless? Now with IGEL you can. As of IGEL Linux version 5.10.100 you can connect or disconnect your Bluetooth devices conveniently using the Bluetooth tool.

From your keyboard and mouse to headsets, smartphones and more, now you can pair your IGEL thin client with your favorite Bluetooth devices in a snap.

How? Once your Bluetooth USB adapter is connected to your IGEL thin client use any the following pairing methods:

  • Pairing with a PIN entry (great for most keyboards)
  • Pairing with a fixed PIN (to connect most headsets, mice or GPS devices)
  • Pairing with automatic PIN allocation

Visit the IGEL eDocs Tips & Tricks tutorial on the IGEL Bluetooth Tool to learn more. And, cut those wires for good.

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