Tips & Tricks: Take Your IGEL on the Road with IGEL Café Wireless

Harald Saller
Written by: Harald SallerPublished: September 13, 2016

coffee-300x169Are you hot for hotspots? Need to know you can access your work files while traveling or at the local coffee shop? IGEL has you covered. Now you can use your mobile devices at your favorite WiFi hotspots with IGEL Café Wireless.

With IGEL Linux version 5.3.100 or higher, including IGEL UDC2, automatic WiFi roaming gives you the ability to connect when and where you want. With a few simple configurations for your wireless networks your device is ready to roam, keeping you connected and productive.

Visit the IGEL eDocs Tips & Tricks tutorial on Café Wireless to learn more. Then, sit back and enjoy your Latte Macchiato while you access your email or write that business plan.

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