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What are Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution examples?

One of the main reasons enterprise opt for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is to reap the benefits offered by a centralized IT desktop management. IT can now do backups and distribute patches and software updates to PCs, endpoints and other managed assets from a centralized management console.

VDI provides higher security, more control and enables secure workspace sharing

With VDI, servers can be locked down and secured in a more manageable manner, reducing risk to local desktops. Because data is on a centralized server and not on individual computers, IT can minimize the malware footprint.

By including IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization software in your VDI solution, you can securely access all data, including a secure login for workers who move from work station to work station. Setting user-dependent configurations in profiles enables shared workspace so multiple users can securely use the same device.

VDI reduces IT costs

Any centralized, remote management can reduce costs. But with IGEL’s “plug and go” rollout, you’ll save even more: up to 70% savings in IT costs. With IGEL’s radically intuitive endpoint security and optimization system, rollout takes only minutes, making remote management as easy for 1,000 devices as for 10.

How VDI benefits various industries

Each industry faces unique challenges that can be overcome by VDI. See how IGEL’s powerful endpoint security and optimization software helped the following three industries get the most out of their desktop virtualization (VDI) investment with Citrix.

Example 1: Education

The Education Department in the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt (Read case study)

Benefits from VDI and IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization software:

  • Substantially Lowered TCO
  • Reduced Number of Support Tickets
  • Reduced IT Workload (equipment can be replaced in less than 15 minutes, without external service providers)
  • Higher Availability and Flexibility

Example 2: Healthcare

Cleveland Dialysis Center (Read case study)

Benefits from VDI and IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization software:

  • Higher Reliability: less than 1% failure rate
  • Heighten security with central admin and user-dependent configurations
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Improved Resource Allocation

Example 3: Law Firm

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP (Read case study)

Benefits of IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization software on a Citrix VDI infrastructure:

  • Platform saves hundreds of hours on future desktop refreshes
  • Simplified management and increased control
  • Securely administer endpoints from a single console, reducing management time
  • Decrease in help desk calls
  • Reduced IT cost/ workload