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At Proof of Concept?

Test drive IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization system in your own environment.

At the POC stage of virtualization, you’ll create a rigorous stress test to see how the endpoints can be managed in your own scaled-down environment. A critical component to success is having a single, easily managed system that can instantly integrate into your existing infrastructure. That’s why IGEL’s Universal Management Suite, UMS, supports more operating systems, databases and backend connections than any other endpoint security and optimization system.


Answers to questions most commonly asked during POC stage of virtualization.

You can convert any x86 endpoint, notebook, tablets (as long as it meets min required specs of an 64-bit, x86 processor with 2GB memory and at least 2GB storage) or PC, regardless of manufacturer.

4 times a year IGEL issues complementary firmware updates. IGEL also issues private build releases on demand, granting access to early development features and quick bug fixes. When it comes to zero-day exploits, IGEL rapidly provides a firmware fix or patch.


Devices running IGEL OS do not work automatically with 3rd party configuration management systems. However, IGEL Management InterfaceMI, provides the means to integrate the IGEL management system with the organization’s chosen management tools or platform.

Yes! In fact, IGEL has been supporting smartcard technology for many years. In addition to its own smartcard management approach, IGEL provides cryptographic support for solutions from major technology partners.

All IGEL Universal Desktops support the most common VDI solutions like Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, Microsoft RDP, VMware Horizon and RedHat Spice. Continual updates ensure that you’re always using the latest client version.  Whereas other manufacturers limit you with their proprietary versions, IGEL believes in delivering software that is network  and user- friendly and continually updated.

No. It is not necessary for IGEL-managed devices to be connected on the same domain, nor do they have to be registered with Active Directory.

IGEL includes (as a default) Mozilla Firefox in IGEL Linux OS, our flagship Linux operating system. However, the customization features of IGEL allow an organization to deploy alternative browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, etc. IGEL’s Windows-based products includes Internet Explorer.

Yes. We’ll make sure you get the most out of remote endpoint security and optimization by showing you how easy it is to configure the system for your unique technology stack and applications. The no touch deployment happens in minutes, but our engineers will walk your IT team through the use of IGEL technology, including how to adapt an IGEL device to the organization’s workflow, use case, requirements and instruct in best practices for device management. See also our best practices guide or contact support.

IGEL OS natively supports more backend connections and integrated technologies than any other solution on the market. IGEL includes support for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft RDP, terminal emulation and many more.

Universal Management Suite, UMS, is included free with any IGEL Universal Desktop, IGEL Zero and Universal Desktop Converter.

Yes and yes. It’s easy to set user-dependent configurations. The IGEL Universal Management Suite, UMS, is the only management system designed with the enterprise in mind. It makes extensive use of access control lists (ACL’s) to grant, restrict or control all aspects of the management database. Such ACL’s extend to individual users and/or groups as defined in Active Directory or other LDAP-based environment.

Yes. UMS, IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization system shifts control from the end users to IT for remote endpoint security and optimization.

IGEL actually provides multiple versions of the original Citrix receiver for Linux and Windows. This gives the user flexibility and choice to use the version that best suits their needs. Additionally, because of IGEL’s regular and frequent firmware release schedule, users are assured of having access to the latest receiver version from Citrix and of continually being able to take advantage of the latest features.

IGEL includes the latest of version of the original Horizon VMware Client, including full support for making secure connections using RDP, PCoIP, and Blast Extreme. IGEL’s support of VMware’s newest protocol, Blast Extreme, ensures that users of VMware’s desktop virtualization can work with all future technologies introduced by VMware.

No. All device configurations are transferred to the Endpoint from the IGEL management system using secure proprietary protocol.

There’s a hardware warranty of up to 5 years on IGEL devices. There’s a 3 year software maintenance after EOL of UD products.


Here’s how you can try it out:

Need a Hardware Client


We’ll send you a physical device. The Universal Management Suite and the Linux-based operating system are included.

Need a Software Client


Convert your existing assets by downloading the software endpoint (UDC). The Universal Management Suite and the Linux-based operating system are included.

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