IGEL Endpoints and VMware Horizon

vmware compatible endpoints
VMware Horizon is based on the VMware vSphere virtualization platform and dynamically assembles and provisions desktops and applications as a managed service. During this process, desktop operating systems, applications and user data are each encapsulated in their own dedicated layers and can be independently managed. IGEL endpoints are VMware compatible endpoints.

Components and hypervisors

VMware vSphere integrates the industry-leading hypervisor VMware ESXi. VMware Horizon Composer enables rapid creation of virtual desktops from golden images and linked clones. These desktops can be readily provisioned and managed as needed. Furthermore, VMware Horizon with VMware ThinApp also offers a solution for virtualizing applications as well as a local mode for mobile users.


In addition to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VMware Horizon also supports the PC-over-IP (PCoIP) protocol. With its dynamic, efficient use of available bandwidth, PCoIP provides significantly higher transmission speeds. It also supports local USB peripherals, VoIP, rich-media content and multi-monitor configurations.

Support from IGEL software and hardware

VMware Horizon Client (including PCoIP) comes standard with all IGEL models and IGEL UDC software. All devices configured in this manner are certified by VMware Horizon.

Your benefits with IGEL and VMware compatible endpoints:

  • Close collaboration between IGEL and VMware: latest updates of integrated VMware clients and features
  • An optimum user experience through client-side caching on IGEL hardware, USB redirection, View Media Services for 3D graphics and integrated unified communications (VoIP)
  • Integrated platform: great business flexibility and high service availability, online and offline, over LAN and WAN
  • Great cost-effectiveness: easy creation, control, provisioning and management of virtual desktops with golden images and linked-clone technology
  • High security and availability with vShield and PCoIP Continuity Services


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