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What is a Endpoint?

IGEL Endpoints
A Endpoint is a lightweight, fan-less computer that doesn’t have a hard drive, but connects to a server to perform its computing. Endpoints access hard drives in the data center by running Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP), like Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix Secure Access Gateway which allow virtualized Windows desktops and applications to be delivered as on-demand services.

Because all applications, sensitive data, memory and programs are stored in the data center instead of on the device itself, Endpoint computing is considered a virtual desktop computing model (VDI). Centralized computing in general- and Endpoints in particular- are better than PCs at protecting organizations from the havoc of malware. This is because even if a user does accidentally click on a malicious link, the Endpoint will not be able to spread the virus to other Endpoints. In addition, Endpoints that run on a Linux operating system and automatically receive recommended security updates are nearly impossible to manipulate.


Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI) Use Endpoints

Businesses that use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) need to combine Endpoints with an Endpoint security and optimization System so that IT can remotely manage and administer the Endpoints. When using IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter, companies can continue to use PC and other assets by converting them into software Endpoints. Once converted by the UDC, these software Endpoints will run on and by managed by the same endpoint security and optimization system as any new hardware Endpoints.

Deploying Endpoints is more cost effective than outfitting each user with a PC. In addition to reduced costs per device, Endpoints allow IT to more efficiently manage remote endpoints. However, it’s not the Endpoints themselves that optimize the benefits of VDI: it’s the endpoint security and optimization software that actually has the greatest impact on the efficiency, scalability and security of Endpoint computing. Each of IGEL’s Endpoints comes bundled with a Universal Management System that runs on Linux OS and provides.


Citrix XenDesktop VDI Use Endpoints

Most Endpoints support Citrix XenDesktop; the best Endpoints ensure constant compatibility through a robust support that automatically updates the latest versions of ICA. All IGEL Endpoints, including those converted by UDC, are Citrix XenDesktop compatible, support Citrix Receiver and are certified for HDX Ready. IGEL Endpoints constantly have the latest versions of ICA clients and offer full integration of Citrix features, such as the Secure Access Gateway client and Citrix Secure Access Gateway.