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Digital Energy Summit Scotland

May 1, 2019
AECC Aberdeen

IGEL is pleased to be sponsoring the Digital Energy summit which will bring together senior IT, Digital and business leaders providing a unique form for knowledge exchange, discussion and networking.  The event will explore the use of Information Technology in driving tangible outcomes across organisations, evaluating key trends and provide practical insights from an array of industry leaders.

Digital is becoming increasingly pervasive as companies turn to technology to modernise processes and deliver competitive advantage. From remote monitoring and automation, to data analytics, asset visualisation and HPC, digital technology is changing the game. This transformation has seen IT become a core business asset, drawn from a background support role and repositioned as a centre of value creation, innovation and insight.

​Core Themes

  • Landscape: maximising economic recovery and cross industry collaboration

  • IT & Digital as a driver of efficiency, business improvement and problem solving

  • Analytics, data-driven decision making and business intelligence

  • Asset visibility: performance, conditioning, remote monitoring

  • Digitising processes and innovating on top of legacy systems

  • Emerging technologies, AI, IoT, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain

  • Infrastructure: SCADA, Cloud, hybrid architecture, managed services

  • Cyber Security, information governance, GDPR

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