Accelerate Access to Windows in the Cloud with IGEL OS

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and IGEL provide a robust solution to a modern hybrid cloud strategy with Saas, Daas and VDI workloads. Streamline migration to Windows 11 by optimizing existing devices with IGEL OS, improving endpoint security, simplifying management and reducing costs.
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IGEL Benefits Your Windows 11 Migration

Reduce Endpoint Budgets by as Much as 75%*

Move to Windows 11 in the Cloud with Existing Endpoint Hardware

Reduce your Endpoint Attack Surface by up to 95%

IGEL and Microsoft innovate for now and next

IGEL and Microsoft teams collaborate to offer solutions for flexibility to evolve with user demands, security, compliance, and IT budget priorities as organizations adapt and adopt cloud technologies to enable growth.

As organizations prepare for the end of Windows 10 support in October 2025, the migration to Windows 11 on the endpoint presents challenges, particularly with hardware compatibility, financial impact, and environmental concerns. IGEL OS, Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 provide a robust solution to these challenges , enhancing Windows 11 capabilities through improved security, cost efficiency, simplified management, and environmental sustainability.

Rapid and Secure Onboarding

Onboard remotely within minutes with IGEL OS, securely connect to the company network and configure user profiles. Automatically  launch Azure Virtual Desktop, authenticate with Microsoft Entra ID to access apps, data and resources.

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Secure and Resilient

Authenticate with Microsoft Entra ID for secure single sign-on access to AVD and Windows 365  for a smooth user experience.  IGEL’s Preventative Security Model™  strengthens endpoint security by eliminating vulnerabilities often exploited by ransomware and cyber attacks.

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Imprivata No Click Access™ to AVD

Cost-effective and Flexible

Microsoft AVD, Windows 365 and Frontline Windows 365 options offer flexible licensing models that improve productivity and allow greater control of operating expenditure. Optimize existing or low specification x86-64 laptops, PCs or thin clients with IGEL OS to access cloud workspaces. Using devices for longer offsets investment in new hardware reducing capital expenditure.

Simplify Management

Tested apps for Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and Teams ensure compatibility with IGEL OS to reduce the burden on IT resources enabling improved operational efficiency and user experience. IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) manages IGEL OS devices and apps, reducing the need for multiple add-on software agents and the complexities of a bulky stack

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Experience the power of AVD + IGEL

* Savings will vary depending on hardware refresh timeframes, cost of labor, cost of power, individual endpoint software licensing costs.