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Enterprise Endpoint for Now & Next

IGEL’s endpoint strategy for now and next enables enterprise IT to deliver and manage secure, cloud-based digital workspaces that  provide increased choice, security, and efficiency at lower costs.

IGEL Architecture

IGEL Universal Management Suite

The IGEL Universal Management Suite provides secure centralized management for all IGEL OS endpoints delivering policy, update, configuration, and performance management. The UMS Web App and UMS console supports IT with flexible management and control functions including (but not limited to):

Secure, efficient communication with IGEL OS 12 devices via unified protocol within the company network
Secure connection to IGEL endpoints outside the company network with reverse proxy or IGEL Cloud Gateway, no VPN required
Custom endpoint workspaces tuned to the specific needs of end-users based on their job roles or location with strong security
Easy endpoint and app management, such as notifications of new application versions available through the IGEL App Portal
And many more capabilities including user & permission management, logging, job & admin tasks, admin views, security controls, etc
IGEL Cloud Services such as the IGEL App Portal and IGEL Onboarding Service work with UMS 12 to manage IGEL OS 12-powered devices.

The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) ensures IGEL endpoints are up to date and configured with the correct apps and services to ensure the best possible user experience and highest levels of security.

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