Experiencing a Cloud-Delivered Workspace with Citrix and IGEL Technology

Citrix and IGEL Technology have teamed to deliver a method for existing and potential customers to easily and quickly experience moving to the cloud and change the way work gets done.
IGEL Technology is arguably the industry leader in workstation device management.

Working with Citrix, IGEL has implemented their Universal Management Suite for Citrix Demo Cloud. Through the IGEL Cloud Gateway, any device running a current IGEL OS becomes a fully managed workstation configured to connect to Citrix Demo Cloud.

The page is your resource dedicated to helping you promote Citrix delivery solutions in the Cloud and using IGEL Technology to speed the process.

Start with booting a factory-defaulted IGEL device (either an IGEL UD Pocket, the IGEL OS running on a PC/laptop, or an IGEL-branded thin client).  Follow the First-Boot Setup Wizard and respond appropriately to the prompts for language, EULA, keyboard, timezone, time and date; connect to a wireless network as required; and enter the following for the ICG Agent Setup Address:


For the UMS Structure Tag, enter one of the following codes:

01 for NA
02 for EMEA
03 for APAC

For the ICG One-time Password, enter:


Once the IGEL device has registered, click Finish. In ~30 seconds, the device will download its assigned configuration. Login to you Citrix Demo Cloud session using your assigned credentials.

The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) is running in the Citrix Demo Cloud environment hosted in Dallas, Texas.  An IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) provides a secure connecting point for managing devices that live “off network.”  When a workstation running the IGEL OS registers to the IGEL UMS, the device immediately receives a configuration that connects the device to Citrix Demo Cloud.

Send an email to citrix@igel.com with the subject “Demo UD Pocket Request”.  Include in the body of the email the quantity of Demo UD Pockets you are requesting, your contact information, including job title, phone number, email address, and other relevant information.  Include a shipping address.

A real UD Pocket does not need to be activated before use and it does not expire; these are production devices that a customer would purchase.  The retail value of a real UD Pocket is $169.  You can request a small quantity of real UD Pockets for your personal use.  You can request a small quantity for one of your customers; however, you need to engage with an IGEL Regional Sales Manager.  Contact the IGEL RMS or send an email to citrix@igel.com.

You can deploy IGEL OS onto an existing PC, laptop or even non-IGEL thin client.  The IGEL UDC is the solution that installs the IGEL OS.   Simply complete the webform at https://www.igel.com/download/ to receive an email that includes links to download the IGEL UDC installation software, the IGEL UMS software, and a link to activate licenses for three IGEL OS target devices.

We currently do not allow access to the Citrix Demo Cloud.  The IGEL UMS running on Demo Cloud is a system being used by Citrix and IGEL staff worldwide.  In the future, we will create sandbox environments within the Demo Cloud UMS.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the Demo Cloud UMS for yourself or for a customer where you can see real-time configuration changes, or if you want to demonstrate advance client configurations, contact the appropriate IGEL Regional Sales Manager or send an email to citrix@igel.com.

To reset an IGEL device to factory defaults, press the Esc key very early I the boot process (before the bootsplash appears).  Select the option to “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

Send an email to citrix@igel.com or give us a call.  Contact IGEL here