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IGEL secure endpoint operating system and Citrix deliver a seamless digital workspace built to support the way people connect, communicate and collaborate in a hybrid work world.
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IGEL & Citrix Simplify Digital Workspaces

Ongoing collaboration with our customers, partners and product teams, spanning over three decades, ensures our digital workspace solution delivers a streamlined experience so that end-users access the apps, information and tools they need to do their best work – regardless of device, location, or network.

IGEL and Citrix support Zero Trust

The IGEL Preventative Security Model bolsters cybersecurity by preventing endpoint exposure to attack vectors exploited by bad actors. Preventing ransomware, data breach on the endpoint as a consequence of endpoint loss and theft by:  

  • IGEL‘s encrypted, read-only OS prevents malware installation, blocks phishing techniques from infiltrating the system.
  • IGEL’s trusted application platform (TAP) ensures no code is altered or tampered with.
  • No data is stored on the device ensures personal and company data is secure.
  • Each reboot of the OS initiates a chain of integrity to check the OS is in a known good state.
  • Direct access to Citrix Endpoint Analysis (EPA) runs device checks centrally from the IGEL management console. 
  • IGEL supports Citrix Device Posture service, a cloud-based solution for IT admins to check device trust and enforce zero trust principles. 
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Enhance the User Experience

Citrix and IGEL deliver high-performance unified communications and quick and easy access to apps, and data from any device by:

  • Citrix Workspace App, Citrix Gateway apps on IGEL App Portal for quick deployment and management.  
  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom optimization with HDX is built into the Citrix Workspace App client and enabled by default on IGEL OS.  
  • IGEL supports Citrix HDX 3D Pro and Citrix Realtime Media Engine. 
  • IGEL OS enables multimedia offloading.
  • Advanced H.264 accelerated graphics in Citrix environments using IGEL OS optimizes graphics intensive apps and tasks.  
  • Select the decompression codecs in the Citrix profile on IGEL to instruct the GPU in the endpoint to utilize H.264 decoding. 

Reduce Endpoint Management
Costs and Complexity

IGEL modernizes the endpoint with a secure, cost-effective and sustainable endpoint strategy for the enterprise that significantly reduces TCO. 

  • Choose energy efficient business laptops, thin and zero client endpoint devices with IGEL OS from partners HP, Lenovo and LG.
  • Extend 3-to-5-year device refresh cycle by optimizing the endpoint with lean IGEL OS to save CAPEX and reduce e-waste. 
  • IGEL Preventative Security Model reduces the security agent bloat on the endpoint as it removed the need for monitor, detect and remediate agent investment. 
  • IGEL OS offers a connected ecosystem of compatible solutions, integration with Citrix solutions for easy deployment and management of IGEL OS endpoints.
  • IGEL and Citrix offer a flexible subscription license model that allows you to easily scale up or down as your business evolves. 


Deliver Uninterrupted Healthcare

IGEL’s endpoint strategy with Citrix enables healthcare organizations to deliver secure, cloud-based digital workspaces that support delivery of patient care, reduce breaches, optimize IT budgets and achieve HIPAA compliance and international regulatory standards.

What CITRIX and Partners Are Saying About IGEL

Our partners at Citrix share in our excitement with our history of collaboration and the opportunities ahead. Both companies remain steadfast to continue to refine and expand our technology integrations and joint capabilities to help our customers thrive.

Here are some of their comments about our company.

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Built on decades of collaboration, Citrix and IGEL address the needs and challenges of enterprises as they grow their business. We offer learning and knowledge tools and extensive partner networks to ensure every person and organization can work securely and efficiently, in the cloud-based, hybrid work world.  Connect with us!

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