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IGEL secure enterprise endpoint OS designed for SaaS, DaaS and VDI environments. Together we deliver integration of Workspace ONE Access in IGEL OS for secure and direct authentication.
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Why IGEL + VMware

In today’s ever changing environment, combine the power of VMware and IGEL to enable the Anywhere Workspace. VMware + IGEL give end-users the flexibility to work from anywhere in a multi-cloud world, while giving you peace of mind that your data is secure. With VMware + IGEL, your people and your IT team will benefit from secure, productive access to apps and data in the cloud.

VMware and IGEL are both hardware agnostic, allowing your people to use their endpoint devices of choice, including energy-efficient devices like thin clients.

Extend the Office Experience and Digital Workspace
to Any User, Anytime, Anywhere

VMware and IGEL provide all the tools users need to be productive – from anywhere – while reducing cost and increasing security.

Reduce capital expenditures by extending the life of your existing endpoint devices and reduce operating expenses with easy, scalable management and control.

IGEL OS is built to minimize the attack surface on endpoints. VMware Horizon protects digital workspaces in a public cloud, multi-cloud, or on-prem environment.

VMware Horizon and IGEL OS can be easily deployed to thousands of endpoints on the corporate network, or off.

Success Stories

Renowned Architects Boost Staff Mobility Using VDI with IGEL OS and VMWare Horizon

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners extended desktop workstation lifespan by at least three years and realized work-life balance with a IGEL + VMware solution helping to minimize the impact of Coronavirus.

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Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Optimize Endpoints with IGEL OS

Remote healthcare providers access the EPR via VMware Horizon – with IGEL Cloud Gateway used to manage remote devices – so that patient care is available anywhere across the local community.

“The flexibility and portability the IGEL OS offers  a key reason for our purchase.”

Jav Yaqub, Head of Infrastructure


Texas District School Saves Money by Improving Secure Endpoint Management

IGEL with VMware Horizon on the existing devices improved the experience for staff and students.

“The read-only “IGEL OS lets us securely ‘set and forget’ our endpoints. Our team can accomplish so much more now that we don’t have to worry about the endpoints.”

Daryl KisosondiNetwork Security Engineer

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