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Join the Dynamic IGEL Community

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the IGEL Community, where over 11,800 enthusiastic members — ranging from seasoned EUC experts and innovative IGEL engineers to industry-leading partners and proactive customers — come together to spark creativity and innovation. Dive into this thriving network to exchange pioneering ideas, gain practical insights, and discover useful tips and tricks for mastering IGEL products. It’s your gateway to becoming an IGEL insider, so come in and start collaborating today!

Discover the Hub of IGEL Expertise

The IGEL Community is your go-to platform for learning, collaboration, and technical growth. Hosted on Slack, this free-to-join community connects you with over 11,800 members worldwide, spanning numerous technology-focused channels. Whether you’re looking to deepen your technical knowledge, solve a tricky issue, or share your own insights, the IGEL Community offers a rich, collaborative environment. Join us and see why thousands have already made the IGEL Community a key part of their professional journey—you’re sure to love it!

Access a Wealth of Knowledge with IGEL Community Archives

Introducing the IGEL Community Archives—a dynamic new resource designed to enhance your support experience. This ever-evolving, searchable repository collects the most frequently asked questions and their expert answers directly from our community Slack channels. If you’re seeking quick solutions or want to learn more about common challenges and how to overcome them, the IGEL Community Archives is your essential resource. Dive in today and discover the answers you need at your fingertips.

“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone in this community. Every single issue that we have had during our rollout has been solved due to either direct “do this” types of responses or an indirect find based on the advice of where to look next. Sometimes I just scroll through the questions and comments to learn how to accomplish things I didn’t even know I needed to know. So cool. Thanks to all of you! I truly love IGEL, and this community is fantastic.”

– Zachary Sholar – Team Lead, Senior Systems Programmer – Client Systems at Kindred Healthcare

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