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An Extension of Your Team

From the first moment you become an IGEL customer...

The IGEL Customer Success team is there to proactively partner with you to deliver value, help you in every step of your journey with IGEL, and provide the means to reach your desired business outcomes.


Customer journey starts with a vision.
A vision of putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and truly understand their needs.

Therefore, our Customer Success Team takes a dedicated and proactive approach to helping every customer effectively adopt and use IGEL products, through essential functions like:

  • onboarding
  • monitoring product usage
  • providing customer insights to IGEL engineering and product teams
  • positioning IGEL best practices
  • connecting the customer with the corresponding IGEL teams
  • maintaining proactive communication

For the IGEL Customer Success Team, our number one mission is to get our valued customers achieve their desired outcome through our products and services.


At IGEL, we make sure our customers get the most out of our solutions and services as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Our dedicated onboarding team ensures our customers can deploy any IGEL solution with ease, and that both new and existing customers have instant access to all the support and services they need.

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