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The Secure Endpoint OS for Now & Next

IGEL is a transformative secure endpoint OS designed for SaaS, DaaS, VDI and secure browser environments. IGEL significantly reduces endpoint TCO and your endpoint attack surface.

IGEL OS redefines the endpoint

With the move to cloud first, organizations have increasingly moved applications away from the endpoint and into private and public clouds using SaaS, DaaS, VDI and secure enterprise browsers. This is giving organizations an opportunity to rethink the enterprise endpoint. IGEL OS helps organizations:

  • Improve endpoint security through a Preventative Security Model vs the ineffective monitor detect remediate model
  • Move to Windows 11 in the cloud utilizing existing endpoints
  • Decrease endpoint TCO by as much as 75%
  • Accelerate endpoint recovery and analysis of a breached device running Windows locally
  • Contribute to IT sustainability goals by reducing e-waste

IGEL OS is Built for the Enterprise

Optimize the Endpoint Strategy

Remove the need for additional software agents, extensive testing programs, and long update cycles with a modern endpoint strategy for the enterprise today and into the future.

Preventative Security

Designed around a Preventative Security Model™ that removes the attack vectors exploited by bad actors for ransomware and other cyber threats to via the endpoint device.  IGEL OS supports Zero Trust approach to IT security.

TCO Savings

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX  by up to 75%, deliver more uptime, and improved endpoint performance. IGEL optimizes exisiting devices and increases energy efficiency, eliminates add-on management and security agents.

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