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Calmo XS

Tested by EXTRA Computer with IGEL OS 11.06.250

Our passively cooled mini PC for digital signage and edge computing.

The small and robust industrial PC Calmo XS is ideally suited for edge computing (retrieval and processing of data directly at the point of use) even under difficult environmental conditions.In smooth 24/7 continuous operation, the fanless mini PC offers many additional functions such as Wake-on-LAN, PXE boot, TPM 2.0 and watchdog - which makes it perfect when used to control digital signage solutions.With serial interfaces and a Phoenix input connector (8 to 24V DC input via terminal block), integration in special industrial areas is also easily possible.Optionally, the Calmo XS offers a WLAN kit and a VESA / DIN rail mount.

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– product details:


– Minimum power consumption | With an input voltage of 8 to 24V DC.

– Terminal block DC-In | For connecting stranded wires with stripped ends – perfect for special industrial applications.

– Hardware Watchdog | Prevent time-consuming and costly system failures.

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