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Lenovo ThinkEdge SE30

Tested by Lenovo with IGEL OS 11.06.100
This device was tested and is supported by Lenovo. IGEL does not offer full support of this device

Designed for tackling demanding tasks in demanding environments

When it comes to an IoT-ready platform, ThinkEdge SE30 is a game-changer. Powered by the latest Intel® technology and high-speed DDR4 memory, it breezes through the most demanding tasks with ease. Via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, or 4G/LTE WWAN wireless connections (with 5G capabilities coming in late 2021), the SE30 quickly and securely collects, analyzes, and transmits your IoT data to the cloud or data center. An optional SE30 IOBOX enables the SE30 to deliver even greater connectivity and features optimized for operations that run on a variety of devices.

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Product Details

Tackling demanding tasks in demanding environments is what the SE30 was designed for. Powered by the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro® processors for industrial computing and high-speed DDR4 memory, theSE30 is ready-built for challenging edge applications. When it comes to an IoT-ready platform, the SE30 is a game-changer. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and 4GLTE or 5G WWAN wireless connections to efficiently transport your IoT data to the cloud or your data center. With a scalable IOBOX for additional connectivity, theSE30 delivers expandability features optimized for industrial environments that operate a wide variety of devices. With an innovative fanless design that guarantees efficient heat dissipation (thermal range of -20°C to60°C) and with MIL-STD-tested device reliability, theSE30 offers durable performance for uninterrupted productivity, even in harsh environments.

  • BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY: Powerful Intel® Core™ processors, superfast up to 16GB of DDR4 and up to 1TB of storage, make everyday tasks faster and smoother now while also futureproofing against your edge computing needs.
  • UNMATCHED RELIABILITY: The SE30 is MIL-SPEC tested for its 24×365 ability to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. That means it stays reliable and keeps you productive over the long haul.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: With an ultra-small form factor (0.81L), the SE30 packs more computing power into a smaller footprint. Easy to mount, it can be tucked behind a monitor, placed under the desk, or mounted on the wall—wherever you like it.
  • CONVENIENT CONNECTIVITY: The SE30 features standard dual ethernet ports and can be equipped with 4G LTE or 5G WWAN for wired and wireless connectivity. An optional IOBOX with configurable serial interfaces, two POE ports, and DI/DO connectors provides even greater connectivity for manufacturing scenarios. The SE30 also serves as a bridge, communicating with both WWAN and dual LAN devices.


  • RELIABILITY AND STABILITY: The SE30 is MIL-SPEC tested for durability, including unanticipated temperature shocks. Fanless design ensures efficient heat dissipation for improved performance.
  • SECURITY: The TPM 2.0 hardware cryptoprocessor chip uses RSA encryption to protect user information, while the Kensington™ lock slot offers physical security against device theft. The available Hardware Watchdog Timer can prevent disruptions to your system’s operation and a self-healing BIOS will ensure maximum uptime for consistent productivity.
  • FLEXIBILITY: An array of accessories allows the SE30 to be securely mounted on a wall, under a desk, or behind a monitor using VESA mounts, power cage, or DIN rails.
  • MANAGEABILITY: Built for evolving IoT environments, the SE30 with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 vPro® processors for industrial computing has been certified for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Microsoft® Azure IoT Edge, RedHat®, Amazon Green Grass, and Ubuntu®, making analyzing and reporting of devices in the network effortless.

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