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Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 1

Tested by Lenovo with IGEL OS 11.04.240
This device was tested and is supported by Lenovo. IGEL does not offer full support of this device

Mobile Thin Client

Experience unencumbered versatility as the L13 Yoga adapts to all forms of work. The lightweight body and 12-hour battery1 life make this device a reliable companion for on-the-go workers.

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Product Details

A performance powerhouse that rapidly transforms to meet the task at hand, the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga combines multiple productivity tools in a single, integrated, and compact device. With a 360-degree folding screen, this laptop can take on the role of tablet, note-taker, or sketchpad at your whim. The integrated ThinkPad Pen Pro allows you to write on the display, promoting the free-flow and quick capture of ideas. Offering a breadth of I/O and network ports, the L13 Yoga joins forces with other devices to simplify workday processes. With the laptop’s convertibility, portability, and rich connectivity features, users gain the flexibility to be at their most productive, each and every workday.


  • Intuitive, Interactive Display
  • Peak Performance
  • Conveniently Portable
  • Comprehensive Security

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