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Rimo3 Cloud


Use unattended automation to test application readiness for any Windows platform or software, VMware, Citrix, Azure Virtual Desktop, as well as identifying MSIX and Multi-session suitability.

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Product Details

Automated predeployment testing for any Windows application, on any modern Windows version, for any target environment – with no scripting, complex configuration, or costly infrastructure.

Applications are the lifeblood of your business. Without applications that work, users can’t do their jobs properly, and business continuity is at risk.The IT world is constantly evolving and changing, forcing companies to cope as well as they can. But delaying the adoption of new technology can limit user productivity and create security risks. At Rimo3, we help you embrace today’s and tomorrow’s changes. How? By giving you data driven insights to ensure deploying changes will not impact your applications and workspaces, and ultimately your business and end-users. We do that through leveraging intelligent automation at scale, saving you days and weeks of manual testing. Rimo3 assesses your application performance and compatibility against today’s changes and tomorrow’s challenges, to help you plan your future journey.


  • Replatform to new environments like Azure Virtual Desktop up to 10X Faster
  • Maintain Evergreen Workspaces to Improve Security Posture and User Productivity
  • Recoup time lost on manual testing and redeploy critical IT resources to strategic projects
  • Rapidly discover application suitability for migration to new workspaces
  • Fully automated and unattended
  • No scripting or complex configuration required

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