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IGEL UD Pocket Use Case: Supporting mobile users in a healthcare environment

Tablets are on the rise in the healthcare sector. For medical staff and health care professionals, being able to use any devices leads to a major improvement in their day-to-day practices. For many IT departments, however, it’s still a big challenge.

Enabling laptops, desktops or tablets to act as a endpoint can easily save 30% on management and maintenance costs, and the hardware lasts much longer.


The Industry

  • Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Security of endpoints within a hospital environmen
  • Need for centralized management
  • Budgetary requirements driving need to reduce capital and operating experiences

The Solution

  • IGEL Universal Management Suite
  • IGEL UD Pocket

Key Benefits

  • Smart, simple and secure management of diverse endpoints
  • Improved clinical efficiencies
  • Faster rollout and updates of endpoints

How does the IT manager ensure that tablets are securely managed within the hospital’s existing infrastructure? With ‘software-defined computing’, it does not matter whether the medical specialist deploys a laptop, a desktop or a tablet. Centralized endpoint security and optimization means that all endpoints are simply and safely managed within a endpoint environment. Furthermore, the endpoints last much longer.

Endpoint security and optimization Challenges Continue to Multiply in Healthcare

Endpoint security and optimization challenges are multiplying. Not just because of the diversity of devices, but also because security is becoming increasingly important. Digital transformation within a healthcare organization is a good thing, but it must be implemented in a way that does not interfere with security protocols mandated by HIPAA and other regulations. At the same time, spending more money on maintenance and management is not an option. So when it comes to managing the digital workspace environment, IT departments must identify way to keep the cost down while securely deploying applications to various endpoints.

The IGEL Advantage

Today, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are turning to IGEL to help them solve their endpoint security and optimization challenges. Thanks to the recent innovation of  the IGEL UD Pocket, a micro-endpoint solution that is no larger than a few paper clips, doctors and nurses can easily turn most x86-based desktops, laptops and mobile devices, including their Macs, into to a endpoint. In other words, one moment they are enjoying the benefits of a local device, the next they are fully enabled with VDI or the cloud for their desktop experience. And, in addition, the IGEL UD Pocket comes with the same security and manageability features and functionality that are available with IGEL’s entire family of software-defined endpoint security and optimization solutions.

Universal Management Capabilities Across All IGEL Devices

Switching from a laptop to a cloud environment is also possible without the IGEL UD Pocket through a browser. But now, thanks to this little USB device, IT organizations can fully manage their local hardware through the IGEL Universal Management Suite. The IGEL UMS provides a simple and secure way to turn virtually any x86-compatible desktop, laptop or endpoint device into an IGEL OS-powered endpoint. Enabling laptops, desktops or tablets to act as a endpoint can easily save 30% on management and maintenance costs, and the hardware lasts much longer. Further, healthcare professionals can do their jobs anywhere they’re needed, using their own favorite device in a manner that is both secure and cost-effective.

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