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IGEL Named a “Rising Star” by Experton Group

Consulting Firm Views IGEL as Demonstrating Great Potential to Move from “Product Challenger” to “Leader” in its Digital Workspace Vendor Benchmark 2017 Report

SAN FRANCISCO, October 31, 2016 – IGEL Technology, a world leader in the delivery of powerful workspace management software, IGEL OS powered endpoints, zero clients and all-in-one endpoint solutions, today announced that consulting firm Experton Group has recognized IGEL as the “Rising Star” in its recently published “Digital Workspace Vendor Benchmark 2017” report. The report, which assessed 13 vendors providing digital workspace management solutions recognized IGEL for demonstrating its potential to move from “product challenger” to “leader.”

In its report, the Experton Group examined the growing importance of the digital workspace, including the mobile requirements of today’s employees. The consulting firm also ranked vendors in seven categories based on their ability to provide an efficient solution for the digital enterprise.

“IGEL has established itself as a market leader in the delivery of thin and zero client solutions and workspace management software to provide efficient and secure desktop IT,” said Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America. “Early on, we were quick to recognize the growing importance of the digital workspace, a vital aspect in central and consistent management of all clients in an IT environment, and have consistently enhanced our solutions to reflect this. We are pleased that our focus on delivering innovative workspace management software has positioned us as a rising star in Experton Group’s report.”

IGEL as a Vendor of Digital Workspace Management Solutions

As part of its study, the Experton Group defines the market category “Digital Workspace Management Solutions” as overarching device management in which the previously separate functionalities of mobile device management (MDM) and desktop management merge together. The consulting firm placed emphasis on remote management capabilities, and analyzed other criteria such as the breadth and depth of the workspace management portfolio; innovative potential; business value; references, footprint and awareness; sales partnerships; and, coverage of the relevant workspace technologies, to assess the individual market players. The Experton Group also includes among these criteria the integration of key ITIL processes for all physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based workspaces, self-provisioning with an integrated approval process or the provision of essential MDM functions.

In its analysis, the Experton Group concluded that “IGEL software offers an agile endpoint solution for digital workspace management that has already become well established.” In particular, it emphasized the fact that IGEL can leverage partnerships with IT service providers, most of them very active in the upper medium-sized sector, in marketing its solution. The analysts also see potential for IGEL to improve awareness of the company compared with leading rivals and advise the rising star to further expand its portfolio in the field of mobile device management.

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