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IGEL Technology Powers Samsung Electronics’ TC-L Series Endpoint Displays

Industry-leading Linux-based OS and Universal Management Suite (UMS5) deliver efficiency, security and automated remote endpoint security and optimization for the Samsung TC222L and TC242L cloud displays

SAN FRANCISCO, July 27, 2016 – IGEL Technology, a world leader in the delivery of powerful workspace management software, software-defined endpoints, and thin and zero client solutions, announced that it recently formed an alliance with Samsung Electronics. As part of the agreement, IGEL Linux OS and IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software is now being leveraged by Samsung Electronics to power its TC222L (21.5”) and TC242L (23.5”) endpoint cloud displays.

“IGEL Technology is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective software solutions that drive performance, increase efficiencies and support secure and stable end-user computing environments,” said Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America. “Samsung Electronics’ selection of our powerful workspace management solutions, including the embedded Linux OS and IGEL Universal Management Suite, provides external validation of our position as a market leader. We are proud to be partnering with them in the delivery of their new TC-L Series all-in-one endpoint displays, and look forward to expanding our reach into new market sectors and geographies through this alliance.”

IGEL’s Linux OS brings broad feature set to the Samsung TC-L Series endpoint cloud displays that includes remote access and reliable multi-protocol connectivity to mainstream VDI environments and cloud resources such as Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. Leveraging any one of these protocols, end-users can securely consolidate their desktop applications and infrastructure into a series of cloud-based virtual applications and desktops.

Through the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software, users of the Samsung TC-L Series endpoint cloud displays also benefit from a robust and secure standardized endpoint security and optimization system that enables the cost-effective management of any terminal device running the IGEL Linux OS. Additionally, with IGEL’s UMS, IT organizations gain added visibility into their clients’ configurations, and can automatically apply configuration adjustments to an entire deployment of endpoint assets throughout the enterprise.

“Today’s enterprises need state-of-the-art, yet cost-effective end-user computing solutions that offer the flexibility to support remote operations, while safeguarding against evolving security threats,” said Greg Spence, Senior Business Development Manager, Samsung Electronics. “Our TC-L series endpoint displays, powered by IGEL’s market-leading workspace management software, offer our enterprise customers a cost-efficient and secure all-in-one endpoint design that is ideal for any business environment.”

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