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HIMSS 2019: Improving the User Experience

At HIMSS this week we’re showcasing a key benefit of IGEL’s technology that is a favorite topic of mine:  improving the end user experience via our endpoint management software.  We’re partnering with Citrix and leveraging its Citrix digital workspaces to bring healthcare professionals the power to access their customized user profile – whether they’re in a clinic, at a kiosk or moving between provider sites in a large health system complex.

If you’ve been a patient, and most of us have at some level, you’re aware of the need to have the most recent patient data available so you can receive the best patient care.  IGEL and Citrix are meeting this need, combining our Linux OS-powered endpoint software and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.  The result is a consistent user experience, regardless of location, device, app or network. Healthcare professionals quickly and securely get the access and data they need.

Secure Endpoint Management

The other side of this story is delivering effective management of the user experience across thousands of endpoints.  IGEL has this covered!  Our centralized management console (Universal Management Suite) gives IT control and visibility across the environment of applications, access and user profiles. An end user gets the access and applications they need, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using.

Security at the endpoint is a critical concern for all healthcare providers.  At HIMSS, we will be exploring how IGEL’s Linux OS-powered endpoints offer unbeatable security:  Linux is widely regarded as superior to Windows since it is highly resistant to viruses and other malware.  Plus, our software integrates with the Citrix Workspace app, adding even more secure layers at the access point, and providing two-factor authentication, smart card readers, and SSL encryption.

Join us at HIMSS

Visit with IGEL at HIMSS19 in the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion (booth 527). We’ll examine how the IGEL-Citrix partnership helps healthcare providers improve data access in a more secure, efficient VDI environment and accommodate an array of endpoint devices. You can also find more information about IGEL products at

Simon Clephan

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