It’s finally possible to make endpoint security and optimization easier, regardless of the scale or diversity of your environment.

Universal Management Suite (UMS), IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization software, has revolutionized endpoint security and optimization.

Unlike Dell & HP whose confusing array of management tools only work on their own devices, IGEL offers a single endpoint security and optimization solution that gives IT automated backend control while delivering a familiar, trouble-free environment for users.

Purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories. This smart, simple and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint.

IGEL Universal Management Suite

How UMS makes it possible to have ONE integrated, low touch system for universal endpoint security and optimization:

  • UMS is hardware-agnostic. It manages any converted x86 device, regardless of manufacturer.
  • UMS supports any operating system. Whether IGEL Linux OS, WES7, W7 or W10 desktop OS with an installed IGEL UMA extension software. UMS manages your existing environment within a single framework.
  • UMS is automated. You can instantly enroll, index and manage all endpoints from one intuitive backend system. No scripting necessary (though it is supported with IGEL IMI software.)

See for yourself how IGEL’s automated universal endpoint security and optimization system lets you set it and forget it.

When your only focus is perfecting universal endpoint security and optimization, it’s easier to do the impossible.

IGEL’s powerful software gives IT simple, backend control through:

Click & Drag Profile Updates


Create configuration profiles in seconds and instantly apply them to directories

Simple Policy Configuration


Build policies with a couple of clicks by applying profiles to the nodes in the management tree

Buddy Firmware Updates


Automatically detect firmware updates and push out based on your policy

Easy Customization without compromise


Set custom partitions, partial updates and extend scalability with UMS’ purpose-built extensions

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