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New Release of IGEL Universal Management Suite Includes Mobile Device Management for iOS

Managing those iOS devices just got a lot easier. With the availability of the latest version of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), version 5.09.100, IGEL is offering a free preview of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Essentials for UMS for up to five iOS devices.

New UMS capabilities don’t stop there. The new version also includes an IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) Remote Installer; new and improved notifications; SSL/TLS Certificate Exchange; and the migration from 32-bit to 64-bit for increased memory and improved performance and reliability for large installations.

These new enhancements are a continuation of IGEL’s focus on the continued platform refinements that provide our customers and partners with the industry’s most innovative, software-defined endpoint security and optimization solutions. The new features are designed to make it easier for IT organizations to manage their iOS devices in the same way they would all other endpoints. Further, we’ve enhanced the integration with the IGEL Cloud Gateway by simplifying installation and upgrades and made it easier to manage licensing and certificates.

Introducing MDM Essentials for UMS

When organizations upgrade to IGEL UMS version 5.09.100, they will gain access to a free preview of MDM Essentials for UMS. Available for up to five iOS devices, the MDM Essentials for UMS app is available through the Apple App Store. Key management and security features include the ability to send current profile settings to the device;refresh/update device information;device lock;clear passcode; wipe device; restart the device; and, reset the device to factory defaults.

With MDM Essentials for UMS, organizations can also easily configure settings on supported devices including allowing or denying camera functionality and access to the App Store; setting passcode policies; configuring Wi-Fi settings; controlling the addition of POP3 or IMAP mail accounts; and, printer settings for Air Print.

Simplifying Integration with IGEL Cloud Gateway

With IGEL UMS 5.09.100, organizations benefit from easy and user-friendly two-step installation of ICG with selected certificate and user support to prevent inaccurate input. Organizations can also easily upgrade their ICG version and replace the IGC certificate.

Expanded Notifications and Certificate Options

The IGEL UMS 5.09.100 alerts users when licenses are about to expire or if new firmware versions are available for their devices. Users can also upgrade existing UMS SSL/TLS certificates to current algorithms to increase security and meet compliance, or use a certificate from their corporate PKI or preferred CA. Further, there is a failsafe mechanism to prevent any device from becoming unmanageable.

New IGEL License Portal (ILP)

In conjunction with the new UMS release, IGEL has also launched a new ILP with user enhancements that make the portal more intuitive and user friendly. Offering a responsive design, the ILP makes it easy to administer licenses from a tablet or even mobile phone. Thus, when working on the road or at remote locations, the portal is now easier to use from any device.

The modernized and redesigned ILP also offers productivity enhancing features such as a dashboard overview where all licenses and subscriptions can be seen in a single view. With simplified user management, the ILP also features an improved overview screen for easier navigation and interaction.

Availability and Support

The IGEL UMS version 5.09.100 is available now.Learn more in the IGEL Community. To experience the capabilities of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), download here, or request free evaluation hardware.

Jed Ayres

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