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Contact/contactless card reader and encrypted key transmission

The SECURE BOARD 1.0 is an ergonomic keyboard with an integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with an RF/NFC interface.

Product Details

For added security and confidentiality, the keyboard can be switched to a secure mode. Now the device can authenticate itself with a certificate and the key transmission is encrypted. This renders hardware key loggers useless and because the standard keyboard channel is locked, BadUSB attacks cannot be carried out on it. Thin clients that have the necessary software integrated are particularly suitable for using these functions.


Contact/contactless card reader and encrypted key transmission

a. Decisive advantages:

1. Contact-contactless card reader for smart cards and cards / tags with RF / NFC interface

2. Protection of key inputs by encrypted transmission

  • Intelligent security keyboard with integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with RF/NFC interface
  • Secure mode with authentication and encryption, especially with thin clients
  • PC/SC smart card reader, CCID compatible
  • Protocols: T=0, T=1, T=CL
  • Read/write with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A/B compliant cards
  • Flat design, low smart card contacting unit
  • Satisfies FIPS-201 requirements
  • DE version with DIN/GS compliant layout and meets with BGI-650 ergonomics guide
  • Standard for Windows and Linux
  • Citrix ready
  • One-handed operation of smart card module
  • Awarded the “Blauer Engel” environmental seal. b. Applications/Use Cases

1. Contact-contactless card reader

Contactless / NFC card reader *

  • ID cards with online ID function (e.g. new ID card with ID app)
  • Authentication with FIDO2 NFC tokens
  • Other ID systems for closed user groups (e.g. company ID)
  • Read NFC tags and smartphones
  • NFC payment with appropriate apps
  • Customer / bonus cards (e.g. Payback, membership cards (sports) studios)

Smart card reader with contact *

  • Digital signature with signature card (e.g. secure communication with courts and authorities)
  • User authentication (Windows or PC and network login)
  • Home Banking (HBCI cards of all banks)
  • ID cards (international)
  • subject to the available / installed (software) applications

2. Protection against insider attacks in secure mode

  • Hardware Keyloggers record personal data e.g. Passwords, emails
  • Bad USB devices imitate key entry as a keyboard and can inject malicious codes

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