Our software-defined endpoint security and optimization platform exists to make the life of the IT department easier.

We believe it should be as easy to remotely manage 10,000 devices as 10. That’s why we continually optimize our Universal Management Suite (UMS) to add the functionality that’s most important to enterprise.

Our operating system unifies your endpoints and standardizes the user experience.

Imagine deploying a fully-branded access device that performs exactly as your organization requires. IGEL’s profile approach delivers zero-touch deployment along with an intuitive, easy to use management interface. By using IGEL’s Active Directory integration, Access Control List’s built-in logging capabilities, and automatically integrating your existing asset management tools, you’ll eliminate mundane tasks.

IGEL Technology’s vision for the endpoint is also revolutionary.

We believe that you deserve an extremely configurable and secure device that enables users to connect to whatever virtual environment they need. Whether connecting to Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft; whether connecting from an internal network or from the public Internet; whether using most any 64-bit x86 desktop, laptop, endpoint or pocket device, our endpoint operating system, IGEL OS, provides a common experience for your users and helps ensure their productivity.

See how IGEL has revolutionized the endpoint:



IGEL shifts granular endpoint control from end users to IT

Move licenses between any compatible x86 devices

Protect your hardware investments and offer unprecedented flexibility with software licenses that can be easily moved and reassigned to any compatible 64-bit device.

Easy customization = no compromise.

Easily extend functionality with the Enterprise Management Pack through custom application partitions, partial updates, and corporate branding. Remove access to unnecessary and unrequired capabilities by turning off unused features.

Manage every endpoint with granular control.

Achieve administrative authority and control over all endpoints with IGEL’s unique profile-based endpoint security and optimization system. Get granular control of any device running IGEL OS or an IGEL Management Agent.

Zero-touch automation.

IGEL’s profile approach makes it easy to set it and forget it. From click & drag profile updates and policy configuration, you can finally automate remote endpoint security and optimization. With just a couple of clicks, any changes are instantly applied to your selected directories.

Consistently updated, constantly current.

Firmware updates 4x a year with the latest versions of Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDP client, plus software maintenance with 3 support options, 3 years after EOL. This level of support is unparalleled in the industry.

“It’s super easy for us to deploy and manage them. It’s ridiculously simple.”

Bend Memorial Clinic



Do more with less

IGEL Smart

Maximize return on IT investment.

IGEL Workspace Edition installs IGEL OS onto existing assets, turning them into fully managed endpoints. You’ll get the power, security and flexibility of virtualization without additional expenditure on hardware.

Extend UMS functionality to other management tools.

Easily incorporate preferred tools like Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow, or IBM Tivoli. IGEL Management Interface (IMI) includes a RESTfi; API to integrate and extend existing tools used for device and asset management tool.

Get the full version of UMS, free.

IGEL includes the full version of UMS with Workspace Edition. With this one-time purchase, you get the industry’s best, continually updated endpoint security and optimization software. Software maintenance ensures the latest updates, upgrades, and features now and for years to come.


Unlike solutions from other providers that run on a limited number of devices, typically their own, IGEL OS is designed to run on nearly all 64-bit x86 computing device, regardless of manufacturer. 

Optimize your existing environment.

IGEL OS is optimized for the virtual environment. It will automatically integrate with your existing workflow and can easily adapt to future changes. You can even manage fat clients on the UMS by using the UMA.

Built for enterprise endpoint security and optimization.

Only IGEL offers true multi-level profile-based management, and includes important features like access control, load balancing & multi-tenancy. Our competitors still make you use scripting and ini-files.

“UMS gives us enough control and ability over the overall end user experience that we can control it from wing to wing.”




Enterprise-level endpoint security

IGEL Secure

Purpose-built for enterprise.

The read-only file system ensures that every boot-up is safe. Along with trusted execution, two-factor authentication and smart card readers are already built-in.

UMS’ low touch deployment works at any scale.

IGEL includes high availability, shared workspaces and built-in endpoint security.

Custom partitions.

IGEL UMS lets you simply deploy custom solutions, no scripting needed. Remove access to unnecessary and unrequired capabilities by “turning off” unused features.

Firmware updates.

Flexible, failsafe firmware updates validate update packages prior to commit. Update only what is required, and update according to your design: on startup, on shutdown, on schedule, on demand. Set up a peer-based “buddy update” network to use during updating, eliminating unnecessary wide area network traffic.

Security is an important factor in our business. With IGEL we have been able to lock-down the devices to ensure that data cannot be uploaded or downloaded.”

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