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At IGEL, our goal is simple

To transform the way the world works, creating better outcomes for people, organizations, and our planet. We seek to achieve this goal by empowering our customers with a streamlined, modern, and productive workspace with IGEL OS and our ecosystem of enterprise software, VDI and DaaS clients, and unified communications integrations.

IGEL OS 11 Subscription

The IGEL OS subscription options offer our customers the opportunity to easily acquire IGEL OS and support, to get the most value out of their investment, and evolve with ongoing product developments.

Select one of the three ordering options to benefit from all IGEL features including IGEL Cloud Gateway.

IGEL OS 11 subscription includes

Workspace Edition

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Workspace Edition software maintenance

Enterprise Management Pack

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IGEL Support

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Benefits of IGEL OS Subscription

Don’t Miss a Beat

IGEL OS evolves and gains value over time. IT administrators can access and use the entire IGEL feature set, receive the latest feature and security updates, and stay current with continuous software innovations and service offerings built for a modern workspace.

Regular Touch Points with IGEL Teams

Structured and timely engagement with IGEL places focus on your business’s requirements and fuels constant product improvement, to the benefit of you and your end-users.

Flexible Support Options

Choose the offering with the support level that best fits your business needs. Accessing support services ensures IT administrators have an extra level of confidence and assurance for their end user computing environment.

Simplified Procurement and License Handling

Fewer options with greater functionality help to make license handling easier for IT administrators and company finance teams. The simplified SKU structure replaces individual order codes for advanced features, software maintenance, and support, greatly reducing the total number of licenses needed for full functionality.

Easier License Management in IGEL License Portal

Merging subscription keys by term offers a more transparent overview by removing the complexity of varying subscription keys for features, maintenance, and support. The IGEL License Portal (ILP) supports the migration of the legacy licensing structure to the IGEL OS 11 subscription model.

Enhance Your Existing License Investment

By migrating your IGEL OS licenses to the new subscription plan, you retain the value of your original investment and benefit from gaining the advanced features of Enterprise Management Pack, support, and maintenance with a transparent and economical pricing model. Every effort and attention have been placed on enabling our customers with an easy and beneficial transition to IGEL OS 11 subscription.

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