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Can You Hear Me Now? Sennheiser, IGEL and Citrix Team Up to Give Customers a Heady Experience

Ever been on an important conference call and the audio quality was so inferior you wanted to disconnect and put it out of its misery?   We’ve all been there.   IGEL is now helping to eliminate poor conferencing by partnering with Sennheiser and Citrix to provide a consistent, high-quality audio experience across all endpoints – mobile, endpoint or desktop.  Sennheiser is a world-renowned supplier of audio transmission products and the perfect choice for supplying your customers with superior audio quality.

Customers deploying Skype for Business will be particularly happy with this unified solution. Sennheiser headsets plugged into an IGEL managed endpoint can run Skype for Business as a virtualized application, delivered by Citrix VDI.

Here are a few key customer benefits:

  • IGEL managed endpoint clients are verified compatible against Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN solution, enabling an enhanced virtualized Skype for Business experience in challenging network conditions.
  • Sennheiser headset users can seamlessly, and securely, move between devices since Skype client and associated data are kept in the data center and never exposed to potential threats on the endpoint device. This helps to ensure compliance in healthcare settings, as an example.
  • Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack (HDX RTOP) offers a scalable solution for delivering audio/video conferencing and VoIP enterprise telephony through Skype for Business. For customers concerned about bandwidth, Citrix offloads the server component for maximum scalability, minimizing network bandwidth consumption and ensuring optimal audio-video quality.

Better Conferencing.  Positive Results.

Enterprise customers want access to high-quality, real-time voice and video in a virtual environment.  They’re tired of less than optimal quality which leads to poor communication and compromised productivity.  To add to this inefficiency, they’ve had to deal with excessive bandwidth use and difficulty in scaling up.

Enabling voice and video in an existing Citrix environment – powered by IGEL OS endpoints – solves the quality challenges by delivering clearer and crisper voice and video than legacy phone systems.  With Sennheiser as our partner, an innovator whose headsets and speakerphones leverage the latest in communications technology, we’re giving customers the best possible conferencing environment.

Take a few minutes to read the white paper and learn more about how to deliver an exceptional audio experience to your customers.

Simon Clephan

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