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Supporting Quotes – General Availability of IGEL OS for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

IGEL technology and solution provider partners share their insights on the significance of this announcement

“By combining IGEL and Citrix virtualization technology with the new Windows 10 multisession capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktops, all users have a high-fidelity user experience for Azure hosted virtual apps and desktops hosted anywhere in the world. Together, Citrix, IGEL and Microsoft are making it easy for anyone with any level of IT expertise to deliver virtual apps and desktops from Azure.”Carisa Stringer, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Citrix

“The market for Windows Virtual Desktop is extensive and that includes the Linux space where the virtualization platform provides significant advantages for desktop virtualization users. IGEL’s support for WVD across multiple operating systems is an important milestone for the end user computing market and we applaud their latest move.” — JD Helms, President, CloudJumper

“The need for a simplified desktop approach both from a deployment and management perspective is critical for successful onboarding of Cloud hosted Desktops.  Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) using Azure, enables agile desktop deployment with near infinite scale.  Without the simplification of the IGEL’s Next Generation OS and UMS Management,  these WVS deployments will inevitably be more complex for End to End Management of WVD.” Brian Barnes, CTO, Coretek Services

“As we see more of our customers and prospects actively looking into Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), it is great to see our technology partner IGEL announcing the first Linux based endpoint operating system that supports WVD. Together with deviceTRUST’s contextual security solution our customers are now able to provide their users with a secure, context aware windows desktop from the cloud that can be accessed from everywhere.” – Sascha Goeckel, CEO at deviceTRUST GmbH

Enterprises are looking to improve employee experience and efficiencies on their digital workplace transformations, placing new focus on security and compliance in the cloud.  Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop combined with IGEL’s new compatible client is a game changer enabling a secure end-to-end solution that optimizes the Office 365 experience, simplifies management, and adds built-in security and compliance.  IGEL’s new client enables both the re-use of existing hardware with their innovative UD pocket USB client, and supports nearly every client platform, simplifying adoption across complex heterogenous environments cost effectively.   Our clients are using these new innovations to expand VDI to new use cases that were not feasible or cost effective before.” – Mike Moore, Global Product Line Manager, Workplace and Mobility, DXC Technology

“Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop has changed the conversation with clients and IGEL is stepping up at the right time to deliver on the Microsoft vision. They are disrupting the marketplace with their software defined model that allows them to drive innovation through their OS. IGEL understands what our clients want and the availability of the first Linux client to support Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is a definitive milestone in the evolution of the EUC marketplace.” –  Al Solorzano, Vice President of End User Computing for IGEL Platinum Partner Entisys360

“HTG is an IGEL Gold partner and were extremely proud to be given the opportunity by IGEL to gain access to beta IGEL OS for WVD client. Our digital knowledge and expertise in the use of latest technologies such as IGEL OS, enables us to be at the forefront when helping clients define their digital vision to enable strategic objectives. As the only approved 3rd party product to access Windows Virtual Desktop, IGEL OS will revolutionize the modern workspace of virtualization and we are excited to partner IGEL on this journey.” – Kevin Howell Founder and CTO, Howell Technology Group

“Something IT no longer has with Windows Virtual Desktop is a degree of control over what happens between the client and the VM. There’s a little black box that exists between them and what they’re using to do the computing, which is gateway components, load balancers–the stuff that makes up WVD itself. So, granting visibility into that interaction is key and that’s where I think both IGEL and Lakeside Software really excel; IGEL for giving IT users and customers an easier way of maintaining endpoints and with Lakeside being able to diagnose where a problem comes from. Additionally, I see an opportunity for organizations to repurpose their existing hardware with IGEL and move end-user computing workloads to the cloud instead of purchasing new hardware.” Ben Murphy, Global Director of Product Integrations in Business Development, Lakeside Software

“Microsoft WVD is made stronger with validated ecosystem partners such as IGEL and Liquidware, which deliver in-demand features and functionality that make WVD more competitive with other desktop delivery platforms. IGEL’s support for Microsoft WVD from their Linux based Edge OS will lower the cost of ownership for many Microsoft customers that would otherwise need full Windows desktop licenses just to access a Microsoft WVD session.” – Jason E. Smith, Vice President of Products for IGEL Solutions Partner Liquidware

“Microsoft is embracing Linux as a component of their end-user computing strategy. With IGEL as their first partner, they chose a secure, light-weight and robust solution for accessing Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD). This approach provides a lower maintenance cost, which should drive adoption of WVD.  Additionally, reliability is a significant component of the overall end-user experience, so we’re excited to see what the partnership will bring.” – Dennis Damen, Senior Product Manager, LoginVSI

“As enterprises look to migrate more workflows to the cloud, powerful graphics performance is increasingly critical for many users. Combined with the Azure NVv3 series powered by NVIDIA GPUs, Windows Virtual Desktop and IGEL OS provides the performance needed to support professional graphics applications while also ensuring enterprise security and efficiency.” – Anne Hecht, Sr. Director Product Marketing for GPU Virtualization Software, NVIDIA

“Tricerat is proud to be a partner of IGEL during this time in virtual desktop cloud computing history. With the launch of Linux client support for WVD, any company can make the transition without worry; it’s cost-effective, simple, and secure.” – Hannah Byrne, Vice President of BI and Marketing, Tricerat

“IGEL with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop not only validates VDI but makes it more feasible. IGEL simplifies and secures the endpoint, allowing easy access to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop which will directly drive adoption and actual use of virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure. We feel Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop with IGEL is extremely disruptive and will directly impact the speed at which customers will adopt not only cloud but virtual desktops in the cloud.” – Andy Whiteside, CEO of IGEL Platinum Partner XenTegra

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