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Delivering the Best User Experience to a Growing Remote Workforce

Delivering the Best User Experience to a Growing Remote Workforce

With 2020 now upon us, IGEL is quite confident about one business trend: the increasing number of people desiring to work remotely. SHRM research reports the percentage of organizations offering part-time telecommuting rose from 5% in 2018 to more than 40% last year. LinkedIn notes there has been a 78% increase in job postings that include work location flexibility since 2016. What this trend signifies is that organizations need to deliver a superb, efficient endpoint user experience to their employees – one that is both secure and seamless regardless of where they are at any day or time.

IGEL’s next gen edge OS for cloud workspaces fits right in the middle of this trend as we deliver an endpoint user experience that is designed to be secure and consistently fulfilling across any 64-bit x86 device. A powerful complementary feature to IGEL OS is the Universal Management Suite (UMS) which provides centralized endpoint management and control, enabling secure remote management and control to desktops and applications running in the data center or the cloud. Remote management capability is becoming increasingly important due to the proliferation of devices in use today, and the growing number of people choosing to work remotely.

Another trend that IGEL addresses is the growing security risks that can occur when people randomly use devices that may or may not be vetted by corporate access controls. These unsecured devices present a great opportunity for cyber attacks that can bring down a customer’s network. IGEL provides a secure user experience in several ways. Enterprises can move risk-prone Windows to the data center or cloud and deploy IGEL’s secure Linux OS – thereby untethering Windows from the endpoint and vastly reducing the attack surface. Secondly, IGEL’s USB device, the UD Pocket, can be used to boot a personally owned PC into a secure instance of the company OS that is fully isolated and completely independent from the locally installed personal operating system.  This is an ideal solution not just for remote or highly mobile workers, but for “bring your own device” (BYOD) contractors and temporary workers as well.

Organizations with a large number of remote users can also take advantage of the integrated IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) feature which enables zero-touch onboarding of endpoints running IGEL OS and frictionless ongoing remote access for users. It also enables remote shadowing of “off network” devices for support troubleshooting purposes.

This New Year, those companies that best embrace the new mobile/remote work paradigm will be well positioned for future success.  IGEL OS, UMS software, Cloud Gateway and UD Pocket are the essential elements to giving device agnostic workers a user experience that allow them flexibility, all within a secure environment.  It’s the perfect solution to the classic “push-pull” dilemma that organizations have grappled with for years – giving users the device and location freedom they crave while maintaining appropriate corporate control that IT teams require.

Take a few minutes to read the solution brief for further detail on how IGEL is helping companies support workers’ need to work remotely, at the same time enabling companies to move Windows workloads off their hundreds or thousands of endpoints to the cloud or data center– thereby further protecting their network  and critical digital assets from cyber threats. Using IGEL, companies can provide a rich, secure, productive user experience – from anywhere.

Also visit with us at Disrupt 2020 in Nashville or Munich to explore how we can help you deliver the absolutely best user experience to the growing remote workforce.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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