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IGEL Community: 1,000 Days Strong and Growing!

IGEL Community: 1,000 Days Strong and Growing!

1,000 days ago, we launched the IGEL Community with a vision to connect passionate IGEL customers, partners, and end-user computing (EUC) experts from around the globe to unite, learn, collaborate and growth technically. My how quickly things have evolved!

In this short time, not only have we built a vibrant community, but we’ve built volumes of resources and programs while inspiring collaboration, support and EUC innovation. Just consider these milestones:

  • We’ve built an expansive library of how-to guides
  • We established a Custom Partitions Store where members can contribute apps for the IGEL OS
  • We have hosted a platform for 140,000+ member posts where the community helps each other, chats and simply hangs out. Over 70,000 messages have been posted this year-to-date alone!
  • We launched the IGEL Community Awards with an inaugural list of IGEL INSIDERS
  • We established the IGEL Community Blog where we share valuable tips, tricks, white papers, videos and more
  • We host IGEL Community Events and Meetups which average hundreds of visitors per event
  • A Community member built the PSIGEL PowerShell module that leverages the IGEL Management Interface (IMI) REST API
  • We’ve delivered a platform for countless connections between our 4,300+ members (and growing) as they support and help each other.
  • The Community has posted over 70,000 messages so far this year

But don’t take it just from me. See what our members are saying themselves… here are just a few comments directly from the IGEL Community:

“Finally, for the non-critical issues, general questions, and ideas, there is nothing better in the industry than the IGEL Community on Slack… it’s is like nothing I’ve experienced before. For example, I posted a question on Slack asking if there are ways to provide my service desk with secure shadowing to our remote users connecting over ICG. I received 3 replies, each with a suggestion, in less than an hour. This level of collaboration does not exist with other vendors.” – Mike Ryan

 “Not a lot of companies can put all their customers in one room and not have a shit storm started. That way the community also tells me IGEL has their stuff together…” – Erwin Knapen

 “Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone in this community. Every single issue that we have had during our rollout has been solved due to either direct ‘do this’ types of responses or an indirect find based on advice of where to look next. Sometimes I just scroll through the questions and comments to learn how to accomplish things I didn’t even know I needed to know. So cool. Thanks to all of you! I truly love IGEL and this community is fantastic. Have a great night everyone! #challengeeverything.” – Zachary Sholar

“The IGEL community has been a god-send, they are doing a great job with this. I give it top marks for the tips and scripts, and it offers a great form for sharing/exchanging ideas and also helping each other trouble shoot. It is an excellent program.”

“I read in the IGEL Slack community that others had some issues with USB devices on UD2’s that were fixed via private fix, and that this was supposed to be included in the next firmware release, so when I saw this morning that 10.04 had been released I installed that on a test UD2 and it fixed the issue. You can close this case. Thanks, and consider this an endorsement of the IGEL community as a great resource.”

“Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been missing all the great content here – but I’m happy to have so much to catch up on! 🙂 @Doug Thanks for your continued evangelism!” – Jason Hendren

“The IGEL Community has been a bonus, they are really doing a great job with this program. I give it top marks for the tips and scripts, and it offers a great forum for sharing/exchanging ideas and also helping each other troubleshoot.” – Jake Snyder

1,000 days have gone by fast, and I can’t wait to see what the IGEL Community has in store in the days to come. Join us. We promise it will be one of the most valuable resources out there to enable your end-user computing success!

Doug Brown

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